It’s the holiday season, so hoop-de-doo! 2023’s Holiday Gift Guide is here. The festive spirit fills the air. The office Slack channels are quieting down. And out-of-office messages are kicking back on basically every email you send. It’s that time of year to slow down, celebrate, and prepare for another year. 

Whether your team organizes a Secret Santa or you just feel like giving your colleagues some extra love this year, this year’s list of unique holiday gifts will surely spread some holiday cheer to your in-office or remote colleagues. 

holiday gift guide: tech adapters
Source: Amazon

USB-C adapters

The days of the USB 3.0 connector are limited. In fact, in the EU, legislation was passed requiring mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, and handheld video game consoles – no matter the model or manufacturer – to have a USB-C port for wired charging by December of 2024. Laptops will eventually have to follow the same rules, but not until 2026. There are lots of USB 3.0-equipped devices and power ports out there, so make sure your colleagues are ready to weather the charger change. 

Plants or Succulents

holiday gift guide: desk plants
Source: Canva

An easy-to-care-for plant can really bring life to a desk. Assume that all of your colleagues are beginner gardeners, and make sure you select plants that are pet-safe, kid-safe, and can survive in any type of indoor environment.

One of the best options is a snake plant. So find a cute little pot and bring some greenery to a colleague’s space. If you’re part of a 100 percent remote team, don’t worry! There are plenty of companies online that will ship live plants, including Amazon

All-In-One Wireless Charging Station

Your colleagues may never have an uncharged device again. As long as their device supports wireless charging (and you choose a model that supports whatever devices they have… Apple or Android), these things can charge phones, tablets, watches, headphones, and more. This one is our favorite because it can charge 5 different devices at once.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

It may sound silly, but these can really save the day. There are tons of styles out there, but there are some pretty versatile ones. And they come in packs of multiples so you can all trade styles and wear them on calls or in meetings. 

A Dolly Parton CD

Who in their right mind wouldn’t like this gift? 

holiday gift guide: silly toys
Source: Amazon

Silly Toys or Desk Decorations

What says “I’m fun” like a desk full of toys? You can find all kinds of goofy toys out there, depending on what theme you’re going for. Want to give your colleague the gift of stress relief? Gift a desktop punching bag. Maybe they’re into the classics. How about Newton’s Cradle? Looking for goofy but practical? This little pig desk vacuum is sure to bring laughs. Or help your colleague find their inner child with a Mini Turtle Sandbox. Or if you just want to be funny, the miniature Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy is perfect.

A Warm Cup of Cheer

They’ve been a thing for years, but mug warmers keep getting smarter. For the work-from-home crew, sometimes at-home distractions get in the way of a hot cup of coffee. Ensure your colleagues don’t have to throw out a perfectly good cup o’joe or take a trip to the microwave. This model even comes with a silicone lid to keep the heat from escaping. 

holiday gift guide: cable organizer
Source: Amazon

Cable Organizer

What’s more annoying than having a chaotic mess of cords on your desk? Having an ugly cord organizer. Help colleagues keep their crazy cables contained with a cable organizer. There are all sorts of styles and models out there – and most are relatively inexpensive – so choose the one that suits your colleague best! This one is cute and colorful and can be used anywhere. 


Of course, gift-giving with your coworkers is a choice… not a have-to. It’s a great way to bring some cheer to the team and let your colleagues know that you’re thinking of them and appreciate them. Don’t let the process break the bank or stress you out. We hope this gift guide inspires you this season. Happy Holidays!

Kadi McDonald is a freelance writer, marketing strategist, and proud Cleveland sports fan.