Magnetic Sheep Paperclip Holder

Let’s face it—you love your coworkers. Some days, they’re the only thing that makes the job bearable. But while they’re important to your day-to-day, it can be difficult to gift them something they’ll use and enjoy. And that definitely doesn’t get easier during the holiday season. How do you buy office gifts that anyone in the office would use?

That’s exactly why we’ve compiled a list of cool and useful office gifts for less than $18. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to participate in the office fun. And with these gifts high on the useful spectrum, you won’t be wasting money either!

Magnetic Sheep Paperclip Holder
Price: $16.99

This one is the trifecta—affordable, useful, and cute! Keeping track of paperclips can be a pain. They always seems to be over the floor, in the bottom of bags, corners of drawers. With this little sheep, just pop the paperclip on it after use and skip the monthly trip to the store to buy more.

Portable Foot Hammock
Price: $12.39

Portable Foot Hammock

On especially long days, all you want to do is get home and put your feet up. With the foot hammock, you don’t have to wait until 5 o’clock! Give your feet a break in the office, perfect for quick recharge.

Mechanical Pencil with Unbreakable Lead
Price: $6.99

Pencil with Unbreakable Lead

Miracle of miracles! This mechanical pencil has lead that won’t break. No more mid-sentence lead smudges or cursing under your breath. A handy tool for anyone in your office!

Password Reminder Book
Price: $13

There are so many work passwords to remember—email, computer, social media accounts, internal communication applications. It’s hard to remember them all, especially if you don’t use it every day. Don’t ever worry about getting locked out of your work with this handy book!

Mic-lock Microphone Blocker
Price: $5.99

Mic-lock Microphone Blocker

Do you have top-secret office conversations? Are you always worried about someone listening to you? Put your mind at ease with this microphone blocker—no one hears your conversation unless you want them to.

Decision Maker Paperweight
Price: $18

Decision Maker Paperweight

This is perfect for the indecisive boss, or when your boss is on vacation. After all, someone has to make the decisions! Plus, it makes a great tie breaker to choose where to get lunch.

Staple-free Stapler
Price: $9.99

Staple-free Stapler

Reduce waste with this handy staple-free tool and save on the cost of buying staples. Perfect for the office that’s constantly running out of staples, or the environmentally conscious coworker.

Slime Keyboard Cleaner
Price: $7.99

Slime Keyboard Cleaner

You use your keyboard every day—it’s bound to be dirty. But with a little colorful slime, you can keep your keyboard dirt and dust free, which helps with the overall lifespan of your computer.

Tiny Christmas Tree
Price: $12.99

Tiny Christmas Tree

Having a holiday Christmas party? Bring a festive gift to brighten up someone’s desk and holiday spirit!

Giraffe Measuring Tape
Price: $15.99

Miss Meter Measuring Tape

How adorable is Miss Meter! (Yes, she has a name.) Whether you’re measuring dimensions for a new whiteboard, or want to double-check the printer proofs, Miss Meter is there to help.

Pantone® Magnets or Pins
Price: $10

Pantone Magnets

Pantone is a staple in any creative or design team, and this adorable gift can be completely customized. You  can even request specific colors—think logo colors or colors from a creative brief.

“I’m kind of a big deal” Desk Plate
Price: $13.99

I'm kind of a big deal Desk Plate

Sometimes, you need a little sass in your life. Let fellow employees know who’s important in the office. Or as the case may be, who thinks they’re important.


We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again—it’s challenging to buy gifts for coworkers you don’t know outside the office. But that’s where you get to have fun finding a clever little present! We hope this list gets those ideas churning, so you’re able to find the perfect useful office gifts.