The Black Barn at Spain Ranch
Featured Photo Source: The Black Barn at Spain Ranch

While white is usually considered the traditional wedding color, it doesn’t have to be part of your wedding. On the contrary, incorporating black into your special day can bring an elegance that white will never achieve, especially for your fall or winter weddings 

The key to a sophisticated black wedding is minimalism—going over-the-top with the color feels bulky and more Gothic than elegant. If that’s what you’re looking for, that’s great! But if it’s not, you’ll want to keep lines clean and simple, and you’ll want to focus on texture over pattern. Here are just a few ways you create a sleek, modern wedding using touches of black throughout the Big Day. 

The Cake 

A monochromatic cake—especially a black one—might initially seem boring and bland. However, having a cake that’s all one color means you can experiment with textures, which gives your cake elegance. The recent cake trend is for each layer to be a different texture, that work together to create a masterpiece. 

If you choose a black wedding cake, we do recommend a contrasting setting to display the delicious treat. This will ensure  that the cake to stands out, instead of getting lost in the dark. A bare wooden table, or an assortment of colorful flowers around the base will contrast nicely against the dark tower. 

Dulce Couture Dramatic Black Wedding Cake

Photo Source: Dulce Couture Cakes

The Chairs 

You have options for this one. While we recommend trying to get chairs that are already black, you can choose black chair coverings as well. The benefit of already black furniture means that you don’t have to force the color onto the chair. It brings a natural feel to the color (or lack thereof!).  

If you do choose to use coverings for your chairs, we recommend adding a touch of color on the back. Ideally, a pastel or soft gold that won’t be too abrasive of a contrast. For those of you not using any color at all in your wedding, try a medium grey on the back to break up the black if it feels overwhelming. 

The Rings 

It’s becoming especially common for men to wear black wedding bands. This might be because the color is bolder and more sophisticated than silver or gold. But there are also practical reasons for the purchase as well. 

Most black wedding bands are made out of tungsten or titanium, which are way more durable than the metals that typically make up gold and silver jewelry. This mean your groom doesn’t have to worry about scratching or breaking his ring—a huge draw for men who aren’t used to wearing jewelry, or who want a worry-free band. 

Incorporating Black Into Your Wedding

The Venue 

This one might be a more difficult to pull off, and your location will definitely determine your success rate. But if you can manage to find a venue that’s dark on the inside—like the barn Spain Ranch has to offer—that will complement your theme nicely.  

Keeping minimal and modern in mind, look for a venue that has clean lines in the ceiling and walls—and lots of natural light. While you want the black element, you also don’t want to feel like you’re getting married in a cave. Natural light will prevent that from happening.   

Also look at the furniture that’s available—both for lounging and eating. Simple and sleek furniture will provide the elegance you’re looking for. On the flip side, bulky or large tables and chairs will absorb the light, instead of enhancing the elegance. 

The Dress  

In the fashion world, black has always been associated with class and sophistication, and that holds true for your wedding. A black wedding dress can bring an elegance and grace as you walk down the aisle. Because black is such a common dress color for any occasion, you’ll want to set your wedding dress apart—especially in case guests are wearing one!

Keep in mind our point about texture, and aim for a dress with lace or tulle.  The enhancement of texture adds drama so all eyes are on your black dress, and no one else’s. 

Black Wedding Dress Amy Prom

Photo Source: Amy Prom


Black is definitely a wedding-appropriate color, and when done properly, it brings a sleek, modern edge to the event. Make sure you have plenty of natural lighting, and don’t be afraid to add small pops of color with flowers, centerpieces, and place settings. Choose softer colors instead of brighter ones—black makes any color feel brighter, so an already bright color will end up being visually abrasive. With pastels, you won’t run into that issue and your color palette will be enhanced for it.