A rising trend in the wedding world is day-after photo shoots. As the name implies, wedding moments are captured the day after—sometimes two days after—vows are exchanged. This might seem odd, being so different than the norm of cramming everything into one day. But there are many benefits to day-after photo shoots that may have you considering them for yourself.

Who’s Involved?

Most often, these photos are just between the happily married couple. This allows for more intimate moments, as well as a purely custom photo experience—you can go wherever you want, and use whatever props you choose.

This also helps keep stress levels low. After all, you just woke up married to the love of your life, and now you get to capture those first few moments of marriage without anyone else there.

Don’t worry—traditional bridal party shots can still be taken after the ceremony, so you’re able to capture everyone together during the day. And as always, we recommend taking advantage of family and friends being together for some photo ops as well.

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Benefits of Day-After Photo Shoots

Because the wedding is already over, there’s no time crunch to take day-after photos. There’s no rushing back before cocktail hour ends. There’s no gallavanting off-location to find that perfect backdrop. Your entire focus on the actual day can just be of your friends and family.

This also means that, when taking day-after photos, you can choose an entirely different location than where your ceremony took place. Sure, you’ll still want a stunning venue. But if you have a dream location for wedding photos, day-after shots allow the time to do just that.

Plus, consider when hair and makeup is done—it’s usually early in the morning, even for an evening wedding. By the time you get to the venue, finish getting ready, have the reception, and then head out for photos, your hair and makeup may be less-than-perfect. Day-after wedding shoots mean you can get dolled up immediately before the photos and look your absolute best.

Celebrate With Day-After Photo Shoots

Drawbacks of Day-After Photo Shoots

As you might expect, a drawback to an additional day of photos is the cost for a photographer. Typically, you hire the same photographer for two days—the wedding, and the day after. But of course that will likely increase the overall cost for photos. And the more adventurous the shots, the larger the price tag.

Along with a higher price tag, day-after photo shoots mean you can’t leave for your honeymoon right away. That might not be a huge deal to you—as more and more couples are waiting to honeymoon, instead of leaving immediately after the ceremony. Either way, you will need to take another day off from work, or postpone any travel plans.

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Day-after photo shoots are right for you if you’re looking for a low-stress option to commemorate your special day. They are also beneficial if you have a dream backdrop, but don’t want to host your wedding there.

If you find your wedding day growing full, and you’re looking to make the most of every minute—consider a day-after wedding shoot to alleviate stress, and save a little time.