NYE Cocktail with Orange

What are your New Years Eve plans this year? Whether you’re staying in or hosting your own party, this cocktail list is perfect for ringing in the new year. With everything from earl grey tea to coffee and bacon, there’s a sip for everyone. And of course, plenty of champagne options!

Bonus Tip: Attending a party this year? Bring a pitcher or two to share with the crowd!

Bacon Cherry Creek Cocktail
From The Spruce Eats via The Liquid Muse

Bacon Cherry Creek Cocktail

We’re starting this list off strong because, well, it’s bacon. As any bacon drink should be, this isn’t for the faint of heart—the recipe calls for homemade bacon liquor. Don’t worry, though. It walks you through several options. And isn’t it all worth it in the end for bacon?

Champagne Margarita
From Delish

Champagne Margarita Cocktail

Champagne in your margarita? It is New Year’s Eve, after all—it’s time to celebrate! This takes just seven minutes to make a pitcher. The champagne brings a sweetness that pairs nicely with the lime and salt rim.

Salted Caramel Iced Coffee Cocktail
From Pizzazzerie

Salted Caramel Iced Coffee Cocktail

Worried about falling asleep before the clock strikes twelve? This cocktail calls for real coffee to ring in the new year. But don’t let that intimidate you—it only requires two additional ingredients for a simple, yet delicious, mixture.

Sorbet and Champagne Cocktail
From Martha Stewart

Sorbet and Champagne Cocktail

Put an even sweeter twist on the traditional champagne cocktail. Instead of typical sugar and bitters, a scoop of sorbet will do! This light and refreshing drink is perfect for the fresh start of a new year.

Earl Grey-Bourbon Punch
From Bon Appetit

Earl Grey Bourbon Punch Cocktail

This is another plan-ahead drink, but it’s definitely worth it! Flavors of bergamot, bourbon, and thyme create a sophisticated palette for you and your guests. While this does take a little prep time, most of the drink can be made early for easy day-of mixing.

Champagne Shirley Temple
From Sugar and Soul

Champagne Shirley Temple Cocktail

Another twist on a classic! Instead of soda with your temple, switch it out for—yes, you guessed it—champagne. Festive, refreshing, and a crowd favorite!

Bonus Tip: Children at your party? Have this drink do double duty by making an adult and child-friendly version.

The Nor’easter Cocktail
From Kitchnn

Noreaster Cocktail

Based in Maine, of course we had to let our New England pride show! Though its namesake is the tumultuous winter storms the North East gets, don’t let that fool you. This bourbon-maple-ginger cocktail is perfect to keep you warm all night long.

Vanilla Plum Shrub Cocktail
From The Modern Proper

Vanilla Plum Shrub Cocktail

Hosting a high-class NYE party? This cocktail is sure to impress! Using real plums and vanilla bean, your guests will be sipping on fresh, authentic ingredients. The recipe recommends refrigerating for at least 24 hours—so you can make it, forget about it, and bring it out at the party.

Hard Cider Spritz
From Champlain Orchards

Hard Cider Spritz Cocktail

We’ve been suggesting a lot of champagne drinks, but if you have guests who don’t like those bubbles—apple cider bubbles are a the perfect alternative. If you’re worried about the drink being too sweet, a hint of whiskey balances it nicely.

Strawberry Sombrero
From Mix That Drink

Strawberry Sombrero Cocktail

With no hard liquors, this is a perfect all-night-sipping drink. The base ingredient is—surprise!—Kahlua, and the blend of milk, coffee, and strawberry balance the sweet with the savory. Garnish with a strawberry slice and you’re good to go!

Red Velvet Shortcake Cocktail
From Cosmopolitan

Red Velvet Shortcake Cocktail

We’re ending on a sweet note. The unique component of this drink is cream soda. And with just three additional ingredients, it’s truly a simply sweet cocktail to serve at your party.