Bride and groom kissing in the rain on their wedding day

Spring has officially sprung! This temperate season is synonymous with flowers blooming, birds chirping, and every bride’s worst fear: rain. It rains more during springtime than any other season, making it hard to guarantee clear skies on your big day.

While there’s no way to control the weather for your wedding, you can prepare for it. Here are five ways to make rain on your wedding day more enjoyable and less stressful.

Have a Backup Plan

Planning an outdoor wedding? You should always have a backup plan — even if you’re getting married in the Sunshine State.

Before you book your venue, start thinking about a rain plan. Ask potential vendors to walk you through their options for an outdoor ceremony and an alternative for inclement weather, like a covered gazebo or indoor space. This will help you visualize everything up front and avoid any surprises on the day of. It might even change your mind about the venue you choose!

Not all outdoor venues are equipped to handle rainy weather. If your venue doesn’t provide an indoor or covered option, you should look into tent rentals. Pro tip: do this ahead of time to avoid scrambling for a tent right before your wedding. Some rental companies allow you to “hold” a tent with a small deposit ahead of time which will help you prepare for rain without spending unnecessary money. 

Bring Rain Gear

If it does end up raining, make sure you have the right equipment to stay dry. A hair dryer, for example, can be used to dry your dress in a pinch or give your hair a quick refresh after walking in the rain.

Clear umbrellas are a popular accessory for rainy day weddings because they’re both functional and fashionable. Carry them as you walk around the venue, or use them as a prop for your bridal party photos

Rain boots are another must-have. While they might not seem like the perfect match for your wedding dress, rain boots can make a bold statement! Look for boots that complement your wedding colors or add a fun detail, like a floral pattern. They’ll barely be visible beneath your dress and will make sure your heels don’t get stuck in the mud — a major win-win on your wedding day! 

If you purchase anything new, make sure to buy it ahead of time to avoid a day-of scramble. Save the receipts and keep the tags on everything until you decide if you need them or not.

Keep it Cozy 

Even though the weather is warming up, spring showers can still be chilly. Make accommodations to keep your guests comfortable despite the rainy weather. 

Some venues may provide space heaters or heat lamps that can be placed throughout your ceremony or reception. Candles can also provide warmth and extra lighting for your guests.

Blankets are another nice touch. Consider purchasing a handful of blankets to place around the venue for guests to use at their leisure. Try to find blankets that match your wedding colors or complement your venue to keep everything cohesive.

Plan for Unexpected Expenses

Last-minute changes often come with a price tag. As you’re budgeting for your big day, allocate a portion of your funds to weather-related items like a tent rental, space heater, or extra umbrellas.

This advanced planning will help you avoid overspending on rain gear. The only thing worse than rain on your wedding day is blowing your budget to accommodate for it!

Be Flexible

Attitude is everything. While you can control many elements of your wedding day, weather has a mind of its own. If it decides to rain on the day of your wedding, don’t let it get you down. 

Work with your venue and wedding planner ahead of time to make a plan and set expectations. Things will change, and that’s okay. Embrace the rain and focus on the meaning of your ceremony. 

Lastly, look on the bright side. A little rain on your wedding day can make for a great story — and great photos! Plus, who doesn’t love dancing in the rain?

Rachel Kauffman is a Detroit-based content writer, bookworm, and cat mom to two feisty felines.