Everyone knows the typical wedding photos to take for your big day—of the bridal party, all the groomsmen, the happy couple at the altar. Those shots are all important, but after the excitement of your Big Day wears off, what will make you look back and say, “Darn, I really wish we had taken a picture like that at our wedding”?

These nine wedding shots are sure to be your favorites in the album—the key is to tell your photographers what you want ahead of time; they know all the standard ones, and your best photos will be unplanned ones when you’re too happy to notice the flashing camera.

First Looks — whether you see each other for the first time before the ceremony or during, you’re going to want to capture that moment and all the little moments that lead up to it. For example, if you’re planning a balloon release for the first look, capture pre- and post-release!

Getting Ready — don’t miss out on the candid moments of jitters and joy! Capture the pre-wedding getting ready moments when everyone is doting last-minute on the bride and groom, or pouring a toast to the upcoming nuptials.

Dress Only — there will be plenty of photos with you in the dress, but take a few of just the dress (or the dress and shoes or bouquet). It might not seem important now, but the dress won’t be in as good a condition after the wedding, so document its pristine condition.

The Parents — this one might seem obvious, but don’t forget to take parent pictures with your spouse—and without them, too; get some photos with just you and your parent(s) for the album. If a parent isn’t able to make it, dedicate a section of the reception hall for photos of family members who aren’t there.

First Kiss — you will most definitely regret not having a first kiss shot. What screams romantic more than a first kiss as a newly married couple? You guessed it—nothing!

One-on-ones — you like everyone in your bridal party right? The groom likes everyone he chose? Take a individual picture with each person. It’s nice to have for the scrapbook, and it takes a minute to say, “I appreciate you” to everyone who’s standing by you on your big day.

Whole Family — special occasions are the perfect photo ops—everyone is there, and you’ve got a professional photographer at your beck and call. With everyone together at once, take this opportunity to get as many generations in one photo as you can and celebrate your family.

Table Settings & Décor — you worked hard planning all the tiny details, like choosing napkin colors and whether or not to put bows on the chairs. Commemorate that with some calm-before-the-storm photos.

Group Shot — before everyone leaves, take one final group shot on the dance floor with everyone—and we mean everyone! Play a catchy song to encourage them to get up, and say one final collective, “Cheese!” before the fun ends.

You may have noticed that your first dance didn’t make the cut, and for good reason. Moments in motion—like first dances (with your spouse and with Mom & Dad), flower tosses, or walks down the aisle—should be videoed, and not taken as still shots. If you’re lucky enough to have two photographers, you can get away with both. Or you could ask a friend or family member record those special moments, too.