You want to get your wedding just right—and your guests, do, too. They want to make sure they’re on time, dressed correctly, and gifting you something you actually want. But for that to happen, you’ll have to answer some guest questions. Thirteen, in fact! Thankfully, your wedding website is the perfect spot to communicate all the specifics for your big day.

Before you send save the dates, you should have your wedding website up and running, even if there isn’t a lot of information on it yet. In fact, it can be as simple as a single landing page that says Jack and Jill are tying the knot in 2023! More details to come. The point is to let guests know where to get all the details, once you have the details planned! By the time your formal invitations go out, the wedding website should be complete, including answers to guest questions.

Of course, your website should cover the basics that you included in your invitations: time, date, location, links to your registry. But there’s a whole list of other questions that your guests will have before the big day. You can spread the information around the website on relevant pages, or you can create an FAQ section to address them all at once. For some guest questions, you may choose to answer them in multiple spots. There’s no wrong way to answer their questions—as long as you do answer them!

What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

Unless otherwise specified, your guests will dress formally or semi-formally for the weather and season. So if you have a specific dress code you want guests to follow, let them know! For example, if you’re have a beach wedding and want the guests to wear beach casual attire, like khakis and sandals, let them know! On the other hand, if you’re hosting an elegant ballgown wedding, tell guests to dress for a black tie affair.

If you don’t have a specific dress code, you can recommend attire based on the weather and/or location. Guests at a beach wedding, for example, would be better off in flat shoes and sunglasses. But if you’re planning an evening fireworks show, remind guests to bring layers so they’ll be warm.

How do I get to the venue? What is the parking situation?

Yes, most guests will use a GPS to navigate to the venue. But you should still provide important travel details on your wedding website, including the address of the ceremony and reception, nearby transportation like buses and airports, and the on-site parking situation. You’ll especially want to note if there is a fee to park.

What time should I arrive?

Of course, your wedding invitations (and your website!) should list the ceremony start time. But that doesn’t tell guests when they should arrive. However early you ask them to arrive is up to you—but tell them! Most couples ask guests to arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony starts, but you can ask them to come earlier if you’re in a big venue or the parking situation is tricky.

Can I bring a plus one?

Again, this will be covered in the invitation. But it’s never a bad thing to answer guest questions more than once! If you don’t want guests to bring their own guests, add a tactful note on your website. You can mention venue limitations or seating arrangements if you want, but make it clear that you won’t be able to accommodate plus ones. If you want to invite a friend’s partner or spouse, address your invitation to them both by name, so it’s clear that they’re invited and not a plus one.

Are kids welcome?

As with plus ones, you’ll want to set clear expectations on your website. Let guests know that the venue isn’t suitable for children under 16, or that you’re looking forward to an adults-only celebration. Be direct so there’s no confusion, but offer an explanation, too. It will make the decision more understandable.

Will the ceremony and reception be indoors or outdoors?

The location of any part of the wedding is important—especially if it’s outdoors. With an indoor wedding, guests can anticipate heat or air conditioning, depending on the time of year. But you’ll want to note if people should be prepared for outside weather, and whether they will be covered under a tent.

What is the schedule for the day?

No, you don’t need to give guests a 30-minute breakdown for the day. But if there are set times for the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and other wedding events—let the guests know! It’s important so they can book flights and babysitters.

Will there be special dietary food options (e.g., gluten free or vegan)?

Guests with eating restrictions need to know if you’ll be able to accommodate their meals and hors d’oeuvres. Can they order a gluten-free, vegan, or dairy-free meal? And if so, how do they let you know? To make it easy for everyone, tell guests to RSVP online. That way, you can give them all the information they need in one spot on the landing page, and the online form can capture all their dietary needs.

Will there be an open bar or cash bar?

It’s becoming less and less common for folks to have cash on hand. So if your guests are expected to pay cash for their drinks, you should let them know ahead of time, so they can plan accordingly. In some cases, only part of your bar service may be cash-only, like the cocktail hour. But when the reception starts, cards will be accepted. Communicate all those details with your guests! And if you’re offering an open bar, encourage guests to bring some cash for tipping.

Can I take pictures? If so, when can I post them on social media?

guest questions about taking photos

Guests may not carry cash around as much, but they are on their phones more. It’s understandable to take photos of a special moment—and to want to share those memories. But your wedding is your special moment, not your guests’. You can absolutely tell your guests not to take photos or to wait to post until a certain date. In fact, unplugged weddings are becoming more common, where guests aren’t allowed to use their phones for photos at all. You can choose how you want to handle guest photos, but don’t forget to let the guests know! We recommend posting the guidelines on your wedding website and also in person at your wedding—just in case they forgot.

I’m visiting from out of town. What can I do in the area?

It’s common for out-of-town guests to turn their trip into a vacation. If you have a lot of out-of-towners on your guest list, give them some local recommendations! Share your favorite spots for eating and drinking along with any popular attractions and things to do. Bonus points if you can share a few places that are important to your relationship. Maybe it’s the restaurant where you had your first date or the proposal spot. It’ll help your guests feel closer to you and it gives a guided tour of your city or town.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You don’t necessarily want to encourage guests to reach out to you with questions; you’ll have a lot on your plate already! However, you do want to answer guest questions, and you may not be able to anticipate them all. So giving guests a way to clarify their needs will help avoid any day-of mishaps. We recommend creating a wedding-specific email address and/or phone number that guests can use. That way, they don’t have your personal information to call you during work, and you can manage your notifications.

12 guest questions to answer on your wedding website

You can also ask a member of your wedding party to create the email address or phone number and manage it for you. That way, there’s a layer of separation between you and your guests, so you’re not overwhelmed. (Often, guests have questions that are already on the website, and your wedding party can easily address those.)


Guest questions are an important part of your big day. For starters, they set clear expectations for every guest, which helps ensure a hiccup-free day for you. On top of that, they give your guests the confidence that they are following your wishes, instead of guessing what you want. That allows them to enjoy themselves more at your wedding. A little question-answering can go a long way!

What do you need to know as a wedding guest? Share any questions we missed in the comments below!