You know hiring a photographer to capture your unforgettable ceremony is a must! However, have you also considered a videographer to capture TikTok wedding moments? Videos for TikTok aren’t just content—they’re savable, digital memories. You’ll replay these videos as an anniversary treasure, for your kids, or to remember cherished loved ones!

Wedding selfie
Photo by Trung Nguyen

Whether you decide to hire a videographer, or utilize your Gen-Z cousin, these tips can help you capture your best TikTok wedding moments.

Ask What You Want Out of the Experience

Although you don’t have to have a full-on social media strategy for great videos—you should be intentional on what’s captured. Ask yourself: are there any specific moments I’d like to be recorded, and why? From there, draft your requests into a simple shot list; that way, your most treasured wedding moments are preserved.

Choose a Dance, Song or Trend to Capture

Once your intentions and shot list are set, selecting a specific dance, song or trend to capture will help guide the creation making process. This bride and groom unintentionally went viral for their couple’s dance and this popular trend makes getting ready the day-of even more fun! From there, additional footage—such as impromptu and raw moments with your loved ones—can be used as recap videos and will be the best memories you never knew you needed! (Keep in mind, because trends turnover so quickly on TikTok, you may also find something you’d like to try the week of, and that’s okay, too!)

Wedding dance moment
Photo by Mr JMW

Create a Hashtag

Whether it’s the night after or years later, you can easily recall all of your wedding memories with a personalized hashtag! The guidelines: keep it fun and simple! While it’s most common to use a combination of the bride and groom’s first or last names, you can also select a number or word that’s meaningful to you. And the hashtag isn’t just for TikTok: you can use it across all social media platforms for even more memories!

Inform your Party and Guests

After all of your hard work, don’t let your video visions go untold; make creating TikTok’s a full ceremonial affair! Inform your party and guests ahead of time, perhaps on your wedding website, that a videographer will be present. Not only will this help to ease any potential camera shyness, but if they’re aware this is important to you they’re more likely to become enthusiastically involved.


Ready, set, capture away! With a little preparation, recording TikTok videos can not only be fun but provide memories that will last a lifetime. Consider hiring a videographer for your ceremony and let us know how it goes! If you use any of these tips for your TikTok’s, please tag us on social media @eventective!