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Choosing your wedding’s color palette is one of the first planning steps you’ll take. Those colors determine everything from the napkins and centerpieces, to bridesmaids dresses and even the venue. (After all, your rustic wedding probably won’t “match” the luxurious newly renovated hotel.) But colors aren’t the only way to theme your wedding. Textures add dimension and give a tactile element to your celebration.

Just like you might mix and match the materials of your throw pillows, or hang art with a textured surface—you can do the same with your decorations and even your cake. Textures are especially beneficial for a rustic wedding because they let you harness natural elements better than simple colors can.

Textures also help if you want a neutral or simple color palette. Maybe you really like white and blush for your rustic wedding—but you don’t want everything to be blush. Blush napkins, centerpieces, and flowers would certainly be overkill. By adding neutral texture, the few blush pieces will pop even more, and you don’t have to worry about adding a third color.

So what textures are perfect for your rustic wedding? These five suggestions are naturally neutral, but they can all be painted or ordered in almost any color, if you want a more-chic-but-still-rustic affair.


Why Use It

Because burlap is thicker than lace or cloth, it doesn’t lay quite flat. This adds a three-dimensional element to your decor, on top of the already-tactile element. Plus, burlap is perfect for layering. Overlay it with lace, or even use it to write signs on.

Where To Use It

Many couples choose to wrap centerpieces or flowers with burlap—and either leave it plain, or layer with lace or ribbon. Burlap also makes for a durable table runner or chair covers. Couples have even been known to wrap layers of their cake with it—seriously! It’s the ultimate rustic wedding achievement.


Why Use It

There aren’t many things more natural and rustic than wood! If your rustic wedding is taking place in a barn, incorporating wood will draw on the natural elements of the venue. Plus, wood naturally comes in a variety of colors—from lighter whites and tans, to darker mahoganies. Whatever your color scheme is, wood can match!

Where To Use It

For small touches, use circle cuts of wood for centerpiece stands, and create bouquets with branches and flowers. For medium-size components, use wooden signs to direct guests to the ceremony, reception, and parking. Or use wooden crates to prop decorations. You can use large wooden items, too—like ceremony arches, and even the reception tables and chairs!


Why Use It

Glass containers, like mason jars and vintage vases, are perfect for your spring or summer rustic wedding.

Bonus Tip: Local thrift stores are a great, inexpensive source for glass containersespecially if you want them mismatched!

The glass can easily be painted to match any color. Or you can leave the jars au naturel, and let the contents speak for themselves.

Where To Use It

Fill large pitchers with lemonade or iced tea at the reception, and place centerpieces in vases or mason jars. Mini mason jars also make great favors. Fill them with trail mix, jam, or tea for a take-home treat. Don’t be afraid to incorporate items that are mostly glass, too, like lanterns or framed plain glass. Those items require minimal set-up; you’ll just want to find sets that match.


Why Use It

Lace is delicate and chic, and adds the right touch of romance to your rustic wedding. Like burlap, it can be used as a layering piece—over glass, burlap, or wood. And it comes in a variety of colors, although white is most commonly used at weddings. Plus, it’s a great way to call attention to your lace dress, if you can find a matching pattern.

Where To Use It

Lace can be used similarly to burlap—wrap it around bouquets, vases, or chairs. But it can also be used for doilies under plates, to hold the utensils together, and even on your invitations. If you want a more natural look to your rustic wedding, skip the burlap and lay lace directly on your wooden tables. That way, the color of the wood is visible through the material.


Why Use It

Flower bouquets are a staple in many weddings. But there are so many other ways to use them! They freshen up your rustic wedding, and there’s a color to match any palette. Plus, certain flowers—like lavender and rose—are aromatic, so you even get an outdoor scent.

Where To Use It

Think beyond the bouquet! Flower curtain ties can hold back the curtain on your wedding arch, or fasten the ends of the table runner. Garlands or wreaths made out of flowers can circle the centerpieces, or weave around a backdrop behind the happy couple’s seats. You can even use small bunches for aisle markers, or cake decorations.


Adding texture to your rustic wedding isn’t just aesthetically pleasing—it’s also a way to personalize your special day. Don’t be afraid to use different textures throughout your ceremony and reception. Try to combine soft textures, like lace, with harder ones, like glass. This adds both visual and tactile texture.

How else could you add texture to your wedding? Do you think you can have too much texture?

textures for your rustic wedding