Your wedding planning is underway and it’s time to start thinking about floral arrangements. What type of flowers will best go with your wedding theme? What flowers match your colors? And what flowers are your favorite? Once you find the perfect group of flowers, consider having your florist create one of these 6 breathtaking floral arrangements for your wedding.

Floral Hoop Installations

Love goes around, and around, and around—why shouldn’t your flowers do that too? These floral hoop arrangements bring your theme full circle, creating a romantic atmosphere for your reception.

Unique Flower Walls

A flower wall is a great way to display your style and your wedding colors. This type of arrangement encourages your guests to have fun at your reception by taking photos and selfies in front of the wall.

Hanging Mason Jar Florals

Looking for a way to tie in rustic-chic into your decor? Hanging mason jar floral arrangements are the perfect look – beautiful at any outdoor or indoor ceremony.

Wine Barrel Bouquets

Add a touch of class to your wedding with these wine barrel bouquets. These arrangements work great at a vineyard, barn, or outdoor wedding ceremony—Cheers to that!

Beautiful Chair Florals

Dress-up the chairs at your reception with a gorgeous flower arrangement. These florals will have your guests feeling honored they were invited to your special day—Choose different colored flowers for the bride and groom if you want to stand out.

Geometric Hanging Florals

Choosing geometric shapes, whether it’s a triangle, square, or any sort of polygon, has proven to be popular for receptions. Have fun with the arrangements and add a sense of artistic character to your wedding.

No matter what floral arrangements you choose, your wedding day will be filled with beautiful touches you helped pick out. Let your florals express your love and create an atmosphere of joy that will allow for memories that will last a lifetime.

Have you used any of these arrangements at your wedding? If so, we would love to hear about it!