If you’re an event business owner, you should be prepared ahead of time to answer popular questions from your customers. Whether you run a venue or a catering operation, many customers will want to book a consultation. At consultations, customers expect answers to their most important questions. Rule of thumb is to always have your answers available ahead of time. Being prepared to offer helpful resources, like a fact sheet displaying questions and answers, will help keep things organized. If the customer asks a question you do not know, simply say you will get back to them as soon as possible.

To help prepare you for a customer consultation, we have put together some of the most common questions asked about events. Write these down, type them up, and print them out with answers that make sense for your business.

7 Questions to Answer for Your Customers

7 Questions to Answer for Your Customers:

1. What dates do you have available? 

A customer’s first priority when booking a venue or vendor is to establish a date. They may have a date in mind already and will want to make sure you have it open. Be sure to have your calendar readily available to check dates and to offer alternatives.

2. How many people does your space hold? How many people can you service? 

Many times customers already know how many people will be invited to their event. Make sure to provide them with your maximum and minimum capacity. If the number of people does not fall in line with what you can service, be sure to offer alternative venues or vendors who can assist them. Putting your best foot forward will show them that you care and they will remember that for future events.

3. Do you offer event packages? 

If you are offering different packages based on guest count, food options, and additional add-ons, make sure to have all the details listed out neatly. The last thing a customer wants to see is a complicated event package. Make it easy for them by offering 2-3 different options with prices and features listed.

4. Is parking available? 

This is a common question asked, especially if your venue does not have a parking lot. Be sure to tell them ahead of time if valet parking is offered or if they are responsible for finding their own parking.

5. How much does each additional hour cost? 

Many events rarely go as planned. People may be enjoying themselves and they may find that they want to extend their event or service. Be sure to have an hourly cost available if the event runs overtime.

6. Is there a set up/tear down fee? Are there additional fees?

For venues and vendors, these questions need to be answered ahead of time. No one likes to find out there are added fees after their event has ended. Make sure to be upfront with customers if there are any additional costs involved.

7. Is there a contract? What is the cancellation policy? 

Sometimes unexpected issues come up and customers need to cancel their planned event. If there is a contract involved, be sure to address the terms and conditions, as well as the cancellation policy.

After the consultation has ended, ask the customer if they have any additional questions or concerns. Being thorough and upfront will help the customer feel like their needs are being put first. You want to make sure the customer is leaving the consultation feeling confident about their event.

Are you a business owner? Have you had to answer questions for your customers? If so, which questions came up in the initial consultation? Share below.