One of social media’s latest fads has us thinking about wedding trends for 2024: what’s in, what’s out, and what’s here to stay. 

If you’ve been on social media over the last month, you’ve likely seen influencers and friends posting their in and out lists for the new year. What better way to share our 2024 wedding trend roundup? Take a look at these five trends and how they’re impacting ceremonies across the globe.

In: POV photography
Out: Traditional photography

While your wedding may only last for a day, your wedding photos will help you remember it for a lifetime. In 2024, couples are experimenting with new forms of photography to make sure every moment of their special day is captured in real-time and from every angle.

Disposable cameras are a fun way to capture the POV of your guests through candid shots. Give every member of your bridal party or every table at your reception their own disposable camera so they can document their unique experience. Half of the fun is waiting for the film to develop!

Bride and groom using a disposable camera at their wedding
Photo by Kari Bjorn

Drones are also on the rise for 2024 wedding photos and videos because of their unique POV. Capture sweeping footage of your wedding ceremony, reception dances, or an intimate moment of your first look. 

Some couples are even hiring day-of content creators to capture additional footage of their wedding day. These creators are usually hired in addition to standard wedding photographers and videographers to capture footage specifically for social media. Whether you want to recreate a popular TikTok dance with your bridesmaids or post an Instagram Reel the day after your wedding, a day-of creator makes sure you capture it all. 

In: Creative guest dress codes
Out: Semi-formal or bust

In lieu of traditional dress codes, this year’s couples are getting creative (and highly specific) with their wedding day requests. It’s no longer as simple as black-tie or semi-formal; we’re seeing specific requests for colors, hues, and patterns. 

A cohesive dress code not only sets the mood for your party but makes your wedding photos pop. Want something warm and inviting? Ask your guests to wear sunset shades of Pantone Peach Fuzz, pink, yellow, and purple. Planning an elevated affair? Take a page out of Tia Booth’s book (from The Bachelor) and have guests wear all black everything

Just remember that your guests may or may not adhere to the dress code — and whatever they wear, don’t let it ruin your special day.

In: Audio guest books
Out: Paper guest books

Guest books are a fun way to look back on your wedding day and remember everyone who showed up to celebrate your love story. While traditional guest books involve a pen, paper, and maybe a Polaroid, 2024 couples are experimenting with a new medium. 

Audio guest books like After the Tone and At the Beep offer a fun alternative for both you and your guests. Instead of writing down their well wishes in a physical book, guests use an old-school rotary phone to leave a voicemail for you and your beau to listen to after the party. With audio files, you can hear the emotion in your mom’s voice and replay your bridal party’s drunken antics for years to come.

Bonus: Some vendors will compile your voicemails into a vinyl record so you still have something pretty to display in your home. 

In: Late-night snacks
Out: Full glasses and empty stomachs

Today’s couples want their wedding to be as unique as their love story. And what’s more unique than a midnight snack on the dance floor? 

Towards the end of your reception, surprise and delight your guests with a late-night snack. Hire a local food truck, order your go-to fast food, or get your favorite Mexican restaurant to cater the party with tacos and guacamole. Not only will your guests’ bellies be full, but they’ll love the personal touch and thank you for saving them from a late night Taco Bell run. 

In: Micro weddings
Out: Inviting everyone you know

Whether it’s for financial reasons, social anxiety, or scheduling issues, micro weddings are all the rage in 2024. A micro wedding is bigger than an elopement but typically capped at fifty guests.

These smaller weddings allow you to celebrate with friends and family while spending less money and (hopefully) saving some stress. Focus on making the day your own — not adhering to your great-aunt’s opinions.

Plus, a smaller wedding makes it easy to arrange your guests in family-style dinner tables at mealtime. Share a meal and mingle with everyone instead of feeling isolated at the sweetheart table.

Planning a 2024 Wedding

Whether you’re recently engaged or you’ve just entered the planning stage, consider incorporating these 2024 wedding trends for an experience you won’t forget. 

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Rachel Kauffman is a Detroit-based content writer, bookworm, and cat mom to two feisty felines.