2024 is here! And while resolutions may not be everyone’s thing, wellness is something each of us should prioritize. Let’s be clear: wellness does not mean losing weight. According to Global Wellness Day, “Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. It is more than being free from illness – it is a dynamic process of change and growth.” 

One of the most important things you can know about someone – a partner, friend, colleague, boss, direct report, or family member – is their love language.

There are Five Love Languages: Acts of Service; Receiving Gifts; Quality Time; Words of Affirmation; and Physical Touch. These love languages can easily translate to wellness. By understanding your own wellness love language and the wellness love languages of others around you, you can find a clear path to begin your wellness journey in 2024. 

If you don’t know your actual Love Language, we recommend taking the quiz! It’s free!

Wellness Love Language: volunteers unloading boxes from a truck.
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Acts of Service

Actions speak louder than words. 

Volunteering. Organize group volunteer activities. By volunteering together, the team serves the community and builds a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie together. Consider doing it quarterly!

Professional and personal development. Skill enhancement or career advancement can be a great way for employers to show support for the growth of its employees. Allow colleagues to allocate time and energy, and consider setting aside some budget into development activities.

Health and wellness services. Regardless of physical location, offering access to health services, like health screenings, fitness classes, or nutritional advice can be seen as acts of service that contribute to overall well-being. 

Receiving Gifts

Gift-giving is not about large and expensive gifts, but the time, effort, and thought the gift-giver put into it.

Wellness gift packages. Create packages with items like healthy snacks, fitness gear, or relaxation items.  

Smart wellness devices. There are so many smart fitness devices out there. From Apple Watches and FitBits, to Whoop bands and Oura rings, the way people wear and monitor their health devices is as unique as anything. Consider offering a stipend for employees to put toward the purchase of a smart device.

Health and wellness subscriptions/memberships. There are so many apps, gyms, and fitness classes out there. Consider offering a stipend for gym or studio memberships, fitness apps, or even mindfulness apps. 

Quality Time

Values undivided attention by being present and focused. 

Group fitness classes or clubs. For those whose love language is quality time, it’s all about connecting with others. Group workouts allow these employees to spend time together while being active. 

Wellness retreats or workshops. Whether these are company-hosted or external, retreats and workshops offer a chance to learn, relax, connect, and give undivided attention to wellness. 

One-on-one coaching. Part of the quality time love language is undivided attention. With a personal coach, employees can focus on their own specific wellness journey. 

Physical Touch

Finds love and comfort through physical closeness.

Yoga or Reiki. By incorporating activities like yoga, tai chi, stretching classes, or reiki sessions, physical touch can be used in a non-intrusive, wellness-focused way.

Massage. One of the best forms of wellness touch is a massage. Consider bringing in massage therapists for 15-minute chair massages offered throughout the day or arrange for discounts at local massage practices. 

Relaxation or zen zones. If you’re in an office – especially one that is open-air – establishing a quiet space for reflection, relaxation, or resetting can truly change the trajectory of a day. Consider making it a nap room (the science is there that during-the-day naps can improve productivity).

Wellness Love Language: "You Got This" written in chalk on pavement
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Words of Affirmation

Enjoys kind words, encouragement, uplifting quotes, and validation through praise and appreciation. 

Positive feedback sessions. Encourage and give space for positive-only feedback. Create a team atmosphere that allows each colleague to be a hype-person for the others. 

Affirmation boards. Make a space for colleagues to leave notes of encouragement, kind words, and uplifting quotes.

Some reminders.

A person’s wellness journey is their own. It’s personal. It’s unique. How they go about it is something that should be private. Many companies offer wellness perks with the caveat that employees report their activities, their vitals, and their progress. And truthfully, this can divert employees from participating in a wellness program. Trust that your employees are taking the steps that are best for them.

Budget for wellness. By offering a general wellness stipend, you are communicating to your employees that you care about their individual wellness journey. Make sure that the dollar amount is realistic for all sorts of activities, but make sure you establish basic parameters.

You can have more than one love language. Many of these activities will be applicable to multiple love languages. Allow your employees to choose their own adventure and support them with whichever they choose. 

The key to successfully implementing company wellness activities is to understand wellness love languages. Activities should be inclusive and accessible to everyone, regardless of their primary love language. This approach not only enhances personal well-being but also fosters a supportive and positive environment.

Kadi McDonald is a freelance writer, marketing strategist, and proud Cleveland sports fan.