One of the most memorable things from a wedding reception, aside from the music and dancing, is the food — why not skip the sit-down dinner and opt for wedding food stations? It’s a wonderful way to show off your personality and feed your loved ones. 

The good news is that anything can be a food station. You just have to find the right caterers and make sure your dream food bar is in your budget. 

Helpful things to think about when choosing a food station: 

Dietary Restrictions

It’s always good to have options for guests because not everyone enjoys the same types of food, or they have dietary restrictions. Typically, it’s helpful to have a vegetarian option for non-meat eaters, and it’s also good to have some gluten free or dairy free options. If only a small handful of your guests have dietary restrictions or allergies, you can find an option for them. If the majority of your guests are, say, vegetarian, then it may be better to skip the meat option all together.


If you aren’t having a sit-down meal, think about food that is easy to consume standing up, one handed, or on the dance floor! Or, if you’re having a pre-reception cocktail hour and plan to pass hors d’oeuvres, then make sure those are ones that can be eaten without utensils.


If you have limited space for a dance floor or seating area, consider food trucks that you can park near the venue. Also, food trucks add a fun factor to your special day.


Some wedding food stations may work better for a cocktail hour or as a dinner option. Think about the flow of your reception timeline when considering which stations you’d like to have at your wedding.

17 Unique Wedding Food Stations

Taco Bar

This is a great option for guests who have various dietary restrictions or preferences because corn tortillas are gluten free. You can also offer different filling and topping options.

Nacho Bar

Similar to the taco bar, you can offer a variety of options for guests to choose from. Might we recommend an optional side of queso, salsa, and guacamole?!

DIY Charcuterie Boards

Think of this as an adult lunchable where guests can stack meats, cheeses, crackers, sauces and little snacks on their plate to munch on while they mingle.


All you can eat sushi? Yes please! Offer your guest an array of sushi rolls — from spicy tuna, to California, to avocado and tempura veggie. There’s something for everyone! You can add additional bites like gyoza and edamame.


For the snackiest of guests, a crudité bar is always enjoyable, usually with a big selection of fresh, crisp veggies, crackers, olives, nuts, and mustards. You can really customize this to include your favorite bites!

Oyster wedding food station idea
Photo by Rene Asmussen

Oyster Bar

For seaside weddings, an oyster bar is a great idea! Get them fresh, keep them cold, and have the best lemon slices, tartar, and cocktail sauces to add.

Pretzel wedding food station idea
Photo by Sonia

Soft Pretzel Bar

What’s better than pretzel bites? Soft pretzels come in different shapes and sizes and you can have them stuffed, rolled in sugar, or dip them in mustard, cheese, or other sauces. 

Pickle Station

Think beyond traditional pickles! For a unique snack station, offer your guests a variety of pickled things — from cucumbers to green beans, to eggs and more. 

Pizza Station

This can be customizable, too, with different types of pizza dough, red or white sauce, and cheeses. You can also offer mini pizza options or bigger pies that guests can take a slice (or two) of.

Breakfast Sandwich Station

This is great for a midday wedding or an end-of-the-night takeaway snack. Offer pre-made breakfast sandwiches with different fillings or let your guests build their own at the station.

Empanada Station

Empanadas are delicious, versatile, and most importantly, can be eaten with one hand! Have a plant-based, meat, and gluten free version and all your guests will find something they love.

Chips and Dip

We’re not just talking about tortilla chips and salsa. Think, hand cut potato chips, veggie chips, and every dip you can imagine.


Donut Bar

Whether they’re stacked in a pyramid, hanging on hooks, or on individual plates, donuts are always a hit at weddings.

Cookie Table

This is a great idea if your wedding falls around the holiday season. Kids and adults love cookies and milk, so have a spread of your favorite sweet bites and some milk to wash it down with.

S’mores Bar

This is a fun option especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding and your venue has fire pits. Let your guests DIY s’mores with big marshmallows, crisp graham crackers, and different types of chocolate.

Apple and berry pies
Photo by Asya Vlasova

Pie Station 

If you aren’t a huge cake fan, consider serving pie. You can have a selection of options such as fruit, custard, and meringue. 

Candy Bar

Want to feel like a kid in the candy store on your wedding day? Have a candy station! It’s a beloved childhood favorite that’s sure to be a hit with all of your guests.


As long as there is something everyone can eat, your guests will be happy. Let the menu reflect your hearts (and stomachs) and have a great time with these wedding food stations.

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