follow up on referrals

Would you ignore your website inquiries or delete phone messages without returning calls? Of course you wouldn’t! Those people found your business and reached out for more information, and ignoring them would be counterproductive. 

An Eventective Referral is the same thing; an inquiry from someone interested in your services. Think of each Referral as an opportunity to grow your business—either directly or indirectly. Direct growth occurs when the client books with you. Indirect growth occurs when you create a positive experience, so the client is likely to contact you again. Either way, ignoring an Eventective Referral is a missed opportunity.

Eventective Referral
Sample Eventective Referral

Reply to Every Potential Client

Be sure to respond to your Eventective Referrals, even if the message seems to include details that you can’t accommodate—like date or attendee count. Letting the potential client know that you can’t meet their needs at this time can actually further your business. They will appreciate your time and effort, and may consider your services in the future when their needs align with your services. Don’t miss an opportunity to educate prospects about your business!

Accessing Your Eventective Referrals

Receiving Referrals

Eventective sends Referrals right to your email inbox. Make sure you receive your Referrals by adding Eventective as a Safe Sender.

Free Referrals vs. Competitive Leads

Free Referrals display Eventective Referral as the sender, and are sent directly to you. On the other hand, Competitive Leads display Eventective Sales Lead as the sender, and are sent to various event providers.

Responding to Referrals

When you receive an Eventective Referral, click through to the sender’s contact information and reply immediately. Let them know whether you can meet their needs. If you can’t, explain why—they may be flexible with the date or attendee count.

Clicking through to see the sender’s contact info is the only way that we can be sure that you read the referral. If you don’t click through, we’ll send an additional message to remind you that someone was looking for your services.