New Wedding Trends Will Have You Inking Down These Ideas For Yourself

Temporary TattoosTrends come and go, but this one seems to be becoming a new hot activity with both the wedding party and the guests involved: Temporary tattoo designs to apply during the wedding reception. There are design options for all types of couples, whether you want one of both the bride and groom’s faces, the wedding date itself, or something special relating to the wedding theme. Some tattoos spotted around the dance floor have been detailed faces of the bride and groom, black silhouettes of a man and woman with the wedding date underneath, the words “Today Is The Day,” “Cheers to the Mr. and Mrs.,” “Eat, Drink, & Be Married,” and a bunch more.

Airbrush Tattoos

Where do you get these temporary tattoos to continue on this new trend? You can find them online from companies such as Tattoo Sales and have them ordered in time for the big day. If you’re interested in temporary ink for your wedding, it does come with a price tag anywhere from $50- $325 for 50 tattoos or more.

Airbrush Tattoos are another cool option.  Hire an artist to paint custom tats on your guests.  Check out the Entertainers section on your local Eventective page.


Temporary tattoos aren’t the only thing trending right now; permanent wedding ring tattoos are as well. 

Permanent RingsIn today’s modern world, couples are finding themselves not wanting to stick with the traditional wedding bands or wedding rings.  Changing it up a bit with a tattooed wedding ring or a design not only shows creativity, but commitment.  Couples have been seen getting full ring tattoos around their ring finger or creating a personal design to be placed on top of the ring finger that matches their spouses.  According to these couples, getting matching permanent tattoos was something they always wanted to do, it saved them money, and it cannot be lost or stolen like a real ring could.

Interested in getting a wedding ring tattoo? Prices run anywhere from $50-$100. Now there’s a trend that will stay with you forever.