The Eventective city browse pages feature multiple event venues or vendors competing with each other for the user’s attention.  These city pages are where the majority of our users initially find themselves.  Your listing has a limited amount of space to capture their attention. 

Online Viewing Habits Affect your Exposure

Online users have a short attention span.  They are scanning a visual medium (websites) for information that easily catches their eye.  Let’s share some tips to make your listing as eye-catching as possible.

Eventective Browse Pages

Add Fantastic Photos

What makes a great photo?  Your logo doesn’t cut it.  Think about what will impress your client.  For venues, if your location is your strength, lead with an exterior shot – preferably with people in the photo to enhance the scale of your venue.  If you don’t have an impressive exterior, present a beautiful setup with your hall fully decorated.  Interior shots tend to look better without people, so as not to appear cramped.

Event vendors have a different challenge.  Caterers, rental companies, florists and bakeries all have a product to showcase, again an interior photo without people should impress.  But service vendors like DJs and Officiants really need to sell themselves, so a great photo of you performing your service will go a long way towards appealing to a potential client.

Be Descriptive

A brief description of your business that opens with a hook is ideal.  The first 100 characters (less than a Tweet!) of your description will appear on the city page where you are displayed with all the other listings.  Start with something that will leave them wanting more. 

Utilize white space.  Once the user clicks into your listing, encountering a big block of text is visually daunting and not inviting.  Break paragraphs up with a double return to leave a blank line in between.  

Incorporate bullets if possible, but be advised listing descriptions do not support rich text or HTML, so be creative with special characters like the dash (-) or tilde (~).

Show Your Range

Pricing is the most important factor to Eventective visitors viewing your listing.  Display a range of pricing starting with your base rate, your most popular rate and your absolute premium price.  The range of pricing shown on the city page is based on the package pricing you have available.  If you only enter one price, that is what folks will see. 

One price does not fit all.  Let them know what you require to do business and you will attract the clients who have the budget to match.


Key elements for an eye-catching listing

  • Great Lead Photo
  • Compelling Start to Your Description
  • Multiple Price Points







It’s not that difficult to have a great looking listing, but with just a little extra effort, you can stand out from the crowd and really impress.  If you need help updating your listing reach out to us at and we’ll add photos text and pricing for you, at no cost.