Each day, hundreds of Eventective visitors submit their information looking for help planning their event.

Their information is made available to businesses listed on Eventective in the following way:

Referrals – people planning an event reach out directly to the event business by pressing the “Request Pricing” button. These are always free to the event business being contacted.

Leads – people planning an event request help from available venues and vendors. These are available to purchase, or are free to any event business with a Premium Subscription.

A Process for Responding

It is important that event businesses establish a process for responding to potential business, whether that potential business is from Eventective or from other sources, including your own website, Facebook page, Yelp listing, etc. If you do not have a consistent sales process for following up, your results will be sporadic and very difficult to measure.

With that in mind, we have come up with a recommendation that has worked well for many of our successful advertisers.

The Process

    • A Quick Note – Time is of the essence when following up with potential business. With that in mind, we recommend using Eventective’s Inbox feature to send your first reply. Make it short and sweet, indicating that you think you would be a great fit for their event. Include your contact information for easy follow-up! Templates make this process super easy, too.
    • More Information – You can then follow up with a detailed message addressing the event, either from your Eventective Inbox or your company email. Include your price range and a success story pertinent to their event. Be brief, but make a point of telling them you will call to discuss what you have to offer.
    • Call to Discuss – Call within 24 hours of sending the first message. If you do not get to speak to the person, leave a clear message indicating where you got their number; inform them that you have sent them an email regarding their event and leave instructions for the best way to reach you. 

Consistency is Effective

Consistency in your sales regimen is the key to effectiveness. There is no magic solution to winning business through lead sources like Eventective, but following through multiple times via email and phone is essential. This advice applies to any inbound event lead whether it comes from Eventective or another source. Find a workflow that works for you and stick with it.

Quick Response Tip

If you receive a Referral for an event you cannot accommodate, use the Eventective Template feature to let the user know why you cannot accommodate them. Dates and attendee counts may be flexible.

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