Your Wedding Reception: A Quality DJ makes a WORLD of Difference!

It’s your wedding day and everything has to be perfect – the food, mouthwatering; the venue, a site to behold; the flowers, beauty everywhere you look; the entertainment, well, anyone who’s been married will tell you it is one of the most important aspects of your special day. So why are brides settling for substandard entertainment? Chances are it is due to some kind of a “budgetary constraint”. If you should find yourself under that same budget problem, do what you can to get the best DJ for your money.


Hiring Musicians for Your Event – Part 2

If you are planning an event that involves cocktails, dinner, parties and/or dancing, you will more than likely have some entertainment, such as a DJ or live musicians. If you are considering musicians, this article will help ensure you have selected the right ones for your event.


Guidelines for Hiring a Caterer

So, you’re ready to plan your wedding. You have been dreaming about where you want it (the venue), the color scheme, the flowers, the music (live musician or DJ), the photography, the food and service. As a caterer with over 25 years of experience I can tell you that your photographer and food service are paramount to the success of your wedding and reception.


Eventective Education Series – Optimize Your Lead Buying Experience

At Eventective, we want you to be as successful as possible in your interaction with users of our site! In this educational article, we will provide you with the information you need to maximize your potential with our leads. This article discusses the following topics: – Creating Conversations and Opportunities – Recognizing Good Leads – Process for Responding to Leads – Tips for Responding to Leads – Measuring Your Return on Investment


Measuring Your Return on Investment

Once you have done all the right things in prospecting leads, it is important to circle back around and measure your return on investment. This article explains how that can be done, using Eventective leads as an example.