Your listing on Eventective is your signpost on our site that represents your business.  Great listings on Eventective have a number of things in common.  In order to maximize your service on Eventective, we offer the following features:


You can add unlimited photos to your listing.  Select photos that are clear and accurately portray your business and service offering.  For your default photo (the one that appears on our list pages), be sure to select a photo that makes your listing stand out from the other businesses in your area.  Note that you can add a caption to each photo as well – that helps add context to the photo for event planners researching your business.

Your Business Description

The description of your business should be short and concise, and paint a clear picture of your business value and why someone should use your services for their next event.  The description should talk to the planner, so use terms like “you” and “your” as you describe your business.  Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  It’s ok to capitalize a few terms or words for extra emphasis.


Get previous customers that are thrilled with your services to share their experience with you.  This will help people doing research to see what aspects of your service made an impression on others.  Getting at least three recommendations will go a long way to optimizing your listing.  See our article, A Recommendation Goes a Long Way.

Packages and Pricing

Price is one of the most important factors for event planners.  Because of this, Eventective has built the capability for you to add packages and pricing to your listing.  If you don’t have packages and pricing that are consistent, you may want to think about putting something together, because you are definitely missing out on planners that are looking for that very information.  


Calendar Availability helps venues focus on the business they want and filter out events they cannot accommodate, based on the date requested.

With Calendar Availability, you can tell customers which days you’re free and even block off personal or vacation days. Plus, you can allow planners to see the calendar on your profile. So if you keep it updated, they’ll always know when you’re available.

Each profile has full control over the Calendar Availability Feature in the Availability Settings section of your Eventective account.