Nearly one million visitors a month find Eventective through organic search using major search engines like Google or Yahoo.  What this means is that, every day, people planning events open their favorite search engine and type phrases like “wedding places Baltimore”, “party venues Nashville” or “corporate meeting locations Portland”.  In each of these cases, Eventective comes back as one of the top results. Try it with your city and see how we do.

We have worked hard to make sure that Eventective ranks highly in event-related search terms.  This is called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) and SEO is our strength.  Eventective attracts visitors who are planning their event.  Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, a formal or informal meeting, these Planners are looking for a place for their event and possibly event-related services.

If you have an event-related business, you have undoubtedly been to a Bridal Show to promote yourself.  You attend Bridal Shows to impress the visitors with your service offering because you know all the visitors are planning a wedding and need services like yours.  Well, think of Eventective as an online Bridal Show, only the visitors are more than just brides, and there are nearly a million of them every month!

Our Visitors Want Your Services

All the visitors to Eventective are planning some kind of event.  You provide an event-related service.  So how do you get their attention?  Make your Eventective listing as attractive as possible.  Post multiple photos on your listing, add well written text describing your business, and most importantly, post pricing options.

Over 70% of Planners browsing our site are looking for pricing packages.  If you post packages on your listing ranging from your most basic offer to your most elaborate, Planners will be able to determine immediately if your services are within their budget.  Determining that price point match before making contact will save you from wasting your time with someone who simply cannot afford your services.

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Eventective is Your Online Marketing Partner

Your listing on Eventective leverages our SEO strength by attracting visitors to your business.  Every Eventective listing has the means to measure how effective we are at delivering those visitors to you.  Log in to your listing and check your listing’s Performance Report to see how many visitors clicked through to your listing, clicked through to your website, clicked on your contact information or called you directly from their mobile device.  Each one of those clicks is an indication of the value we add to your marketing efforts – an indication that Eventective is working for you.