Raise your hand if your office is having a Yankee Swap this year! I’m guessing most of you are—they’re a fun and low-cost way to celebrate at work or with a large group of people. But we all know that the unofficial definition for Yankee Swap is, “The impossible challenge of finding Yankee Swap Gifts that a group of people with drastically different interests will want.”

What do you get that Wine Connoisseur Rachel, Golfer Alex, and Latest Tech Gadget Larry would all enjoy? That magic gift probably doesn’t exist—but here are twelve gifts that come close! All under $20, they’re sure to excite the majority of your work friends.

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Mini Portable Charger | $16

Re-charge this handy device while you’re at the office, and have extra power for your phone during after-work hours. Perfect for the person who’s phone is always at 20% battery.

Giant Playing Cards | $12

No house is complete without a deck of cards. Throw a little challenge and fun into the mix with super large ones! At least you know you’ll never lose them.

Stainless Steel Bar Kit | $16

Yes, you read that price right—less than $20 for a comprehensive starter bar. Put them in a basket with some limes or lemons, and you get presentation points while still keeping it under budget.

Motivational Water Bottle | $20

Hydration is the most important part of your day. Keep this at your desk to remind you to keep drinking between conference calls and working lunches.

Gift Exchange Mug | $12

Go literal and get a mug about a gift exchange for a real-life gift exchange—perfect if you’re known for office snark, or if you really don’t like work functions and want to save a few bucks.

Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup | $20

Admittedly, this one isn’t really functional in the office, unless you have an office kitchen, but it’ll add a little sweetness to your morning, that might make the work day a little bit better.

Pizza Rescue Kit | $15

While this one might not seem suitable for work, either, who’s to say it won’t spark an office pizza party? Never know until you try!

Coworker Candle | $13

It’s the holiday season—spread a little warmth and love! With 30 scents to choose from, you might even gift this to a friend at the office outside of the swap. (Winter Cabin scent has our vote!)

Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill | $18

Never let the weather dictate your life—if you want vegetable kebobs for your NYE party, go right ahead! We just recommend you still dress like it’s wintertime.

Outdoor Wine Glasses | $20

Have you ever wanted to sit in the grass and read a book or enjoy a picnic lunch with a glass of wine without holding is the entire time? Problem solved!

Indestructible Kevlar Charging Cable | $17

Dogs, children, vacuums—they’ve all gotten the best of at least one household item. But not this indestructible cable! At this price, maybe grab one for yourself, too.

Strongest Coffee in the World | $20

This is not for the faint of heart! Seriously—don’t drink it if your can’t handle caffeine. It’s delicious, but definitely don’t have any after 3 p.m.

These are our suggestions—what’s worked for you in the past? Or maybe you’ve received a bad Yankee Swap present. If so, what was it?

(Bonus Tip: Buy a Yankee Swap present you’d like to receive—that way, you know there’ll be at least one item you like in the mix.)