Skip the Bachelorette Party Out of Town

Being a relatively modern tradition, bachelorette parties have a short but interesting history. (Short, compared to their bachelor party namesake, which has been around since the Spartan days.) Typically, a bride and her close friends—often those in her wedding party—have a day or night out, to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Although bachelorette parties are stereotyped as wild or crazy, they truly can be whatever the bride wants them to be. Before you choose a wild or mild girls’ night out, you should first ask yourself if you want to skip the bachelorette party altogether.

We’ve already covered some reasons you might want to have a bachelorette party—and there’s nothing wrong with that! But, as with any major wedding decision, you should make sure it’s really the right choice for you. And that it happens in a way you want, too! Your bachelorette party can be as simple and small as you’d like. Or as big and as grand!

Before you decide, consider these reasons to skip the bachelorette party. A lot of work goes into planning them—there’s no need to add yet another thing on your ever-growing wedding To Do list!

8 Reasons to Skip a Bachelorette Party

1. Because you don’t want one

A bachelorette party is not a requirement for your wedding. Maybe you have other pre-wedding activities planned—like a multi-day or long weekend wedding. Or maybe you just don’t want to go through the hassle of coordinating a get together. Then skip the bachelorette party altogether!

Bonus Tip: Let your gal pals know ahead of time, so they don’t all ask you individually.

2. Because you have too many friends

We’re serious about this one! It’s definitely not a problem to have a lot of friends, but it can be challenging to schedule a girls’ night out with a bunch of people. Especially if you have friends scattered around the country! Choosing a time and activity that works for everyone can be tricky. Because, let’s face it, while you want to have fun, you also want your gal pals to have fun, too.

3. Because you’re eloping

If you’re eloping, you’re probably not having a wedding party! And most importantly—you don’t want anyone to know you’re eloping. So keep the news to yourself, and avoid any spoilers. Consider, though, the option to have a post-wedding party; it might less stressful and more fun because you didn’t have a whole wedding to plan.

Skip the Bachelorette Party Too Busy

4. Because you don’t have the time

Wedding planning is a lot of work, no matter how big or how small. Your schedule is already busy, and a whole other event isn’t going to clear it up. Consider the time commitment and your availability before making the decision to have or skip the bachelorette party. You’re the most important guest, and you want to be excited to celebrate, not drained.

5. Because you don’t have the budget

Just like weddings take a lot of time, they require enough funds as well. For many couples, setting a budget and sticking to it is difficult. Especially as the wedding date approaches—the closer it gets, the more they try to cut expenses. Don’t feel pressure to spend the money on a bachelorette party! Your gal pals will understand.

6. Because you live far away

Are you planning a wedding back home where all your friends and family are? If so, you might not want to travel all the way out there for one night. Or, you may want to, but your schedule won’t allow it. There’s no one-size-fits-all wedding, and sometimes you just can’t make a bachelorette party works. But that’s okay! You can skip it, or you can plan something else instead after you get back from your honeymoon.

7. Because the weather isn’t good

We don’t mean canceling last-minute because of a little rain. But we do mean considering the time of year when you’re tying the knot. Are you planning a winter wedding? You might not want to plan a big night out if it’s going to be cold and snowy. Or maybe your wedding is in early spring, before any major venues open up, and there isn’t much to do.

Bonus Tip: Consider an honorary bachelorette party in the off season. (Really, just an excuse for you and your BFFs to hang out!)

8. Because your friends aren’t local

Maybe the wedding you’re planning is local, but some of your friends aren’t. It’s hard to include out-of-town bridesmaids, especially if they’re some of your closest friends. If you’re worried that planning anything will make them feel left out, it might be best to skip the bachelorette party. You don’t want to make wedding decisions because of other—but you don’t want to feel bad or distracted at your bachelorette party, either!


Bachelorette parties aren’t for everyone; it might not work logistically for your wedding, or it might not interest you at all. If that’s the case, by all means skip the bachelorette party! It should enhance your wedding celebration, and bring you and your gal pals closer together. And if it won’t accomplish all that—then forget it!

Are you leaning towards having a bachelorette party or not?