As you’re planning your wedding, you’ll face a lot of tough decisions. And one of the toughest decisions is deciding what your bridesmaids will wear. It’s hard to find an outfit that flatters multiple body types and matches your wedding palette. Plus, every bride gets bonus points if the outfit is cute enough to wear again! If you’re looking for a unique ‘fit that’s stylish year-round, bridesmaid jumpsuits might be perfect. in a new tab)

Bridesmaid jumpsuits are a formal spin on a classic clothing item. They are a tasteful balance of comfort and class—so there’s a good chance your ‘maids will re-wear the pieces. And just like a more traditional dress or skirt, you can choose silhouettes, patterns, and fabrics that match your wedding and its season. Below, we’ve curated 15 bridesmaid jumpsuits to convince you that your BFFs should wear one to your wedding. From floral prints to stunning oversized bows, there’s a jumpsuit for every wedding.

Of course, we wouldn’t want you to just take our word for it. So keep scrolling and fall in love with some beautiful one-piece jumpsuits.

For the Casual Wedding

For a casual wedding, it’s all about fabric and patterns. You’ll want to choose a more comfortable, flexible fabric so your ‘maids don’t feel stiff. Then, you’ll want to add sleeve ruffles or tie belts for a down-to-earth feel that’s just right. If you’re feeling bold, you can choose a patterned bridesmaid jumpsuit. The contrast to a solid wedding dress will photograph beautifully while keeping things casual. And if that’s too much pattern for you, consider putting only your maid of honor in a stand-out ‘suit with a bold design.

Thankfully, it’s easy to figure out if the jumpsuit is too formal or not. Simply ask your friends how often they would re-wear the piece. The more likely everyone is to wear the ‘suit again, the more casual it is. (Formal pieces are harder to re-wear.) Of course, if you don’t want to be too formal, find something that most of your friends will re-wear a few times—and not every day!

For the Romantic Wedding

Romantic weddings are all about the fabric, too. But they’re also about picture-perfect details. For fabrics, we love velvet, satin, or a similar fabric that gives off luxurious vibes. And for details, look for bows, a wrap skirt, or a seductive neckline. You want something a little over the top for a romantic wedding, so choose a piece that your friends would wear again—as a guest to another wedding, not for a day at the beach.

Of course, not all romantic weddings are formal. So if you’re looking to walk that line, we recommend sticking with a more casual fabric, but exaggerating the neckline or choosing large bows. When you blend two styles, each style has fewer elements to represent it. By exaggerating those elements a little bit, you’ll make sure both styles come across.

For the Formal Wedding

Formal weddings are all about drama. We’re talking about head-turning pieces with capes, full-length bows, and unique sleeves. (The ‘maids walk down the aisle first, so it’s OK if heads turn. We know who everyone will be looking at once the bride enters!) Of course, fabric is still important for a formal wedding—cotton or linen are the wrong fabric choices. But you don’t have to choose an overly formal fabric if your bridesmaid jumpsuits are dramatic enough.

Now, not every couple wants heads turning at the bridesmaids outfit. Thankfully, there are a few ways to turn up the formality without taking attention from the happy couple. First, you can have each ‘maid in the same jumpsuit. Instead of letting them all pick their own style, they all get the same one. That way, the guests get used to seeing it, and it loses it’s wow factor a little. Second, you can also choose softer colors that will mute the drama. A bold, black statement bow isn’t as loud if it’s soft pink or grey.

For the Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are all about comfort and color! We’re talking about wide-leg pants, two-piece jumpsuits, and saturated colors. The breezy style will keep your ‘maids cool while they’re standing in the sunlight. And the bold colors and prints will stand out against a backdrop of tan and blue. Plus, the right colors will complement any greenery for stunning photos.

Much like a casual wedding, it’s important to pick breathable fabrics. Jumpsuits can be warmer than a skirt or dress, because they come with full-length pants. So you definitely don’t want your friends in velvet for your outdoor beach wedding! Instead, cotton or linen bridesmaid jumpsuits will keep everyone comfortable while still looking good.

For the Fall Wedding

You can really be adventurous with a fall wedding! You can choose strong colors, add sleeves, and use other elements, like a layered wrap skirt. Your wedding will probably be on the cooler side, so make sure to account for that. Jumpsuits come in short and long sleeves, so you can find the best option. But you can also pair the ‘suit with matching jackets or scarves that your friends can remove once they start dancing.

And don’t be afraid to use the other features we talked about earlier. For example, velvet would be perfect in the fall. So would wide legs and seductive necklines (as long as they’re warm enough!). The only real restriction is the color—it is challenging to find bright colors and certain pastels as the weather cools off.


From formalwear to beach attire, there’s a bridesmaid jumpsuit for any wedding. A combination of the right fabric, color, and accents will give your ‘maids a comfortable outfit they’re likely to re-wear. And don’t forget to add accessories and choose the right shoes to complete the look! A nice pair of heels can elevate any outfit, while simple studded earrings can make it more casual.

Which bridesmaid jumpsuit was your favorite? Would you ever wear one to a wedding?