Leather Wedding

You may have noticed a new wedding trend recently: leather. It’s fun, flirty, and fits into any wedding you’re planning. If you want to add a little flair to your special day, but you’re not entirely sure how, consider incorporating this versatile fabric.

For starters, leather can come in any color—from white to black, and virtually anything in between. So you can rest assured that it will match your color scheme. On top of that, leather offers a nice splash of texture to your palette. It can break the mold of typical laces and silks, and contrast in just the right way.

And if you’re still not convinced that leather is the right move for you, just keep reading to see all the different ways you can use it—from bold jackets to tasteful belts. Plus, uses for the rest of the wedding party, too!

Wedding Dresses

Leather Wedding Dress
Source: Etsy.com

In the picture above, the dress is leather from the waist up. This is a simple way to add a little edge to your wedding, without planning the entire day around it. But the great thing about incorporating leather into your wedding dress is that there’s no limit to what you can do!

Maybe just a little leather is perfect for you. Or you can go bold, and have an entire dress made out of it. There’s no wrong way to have a leather wedding dress! Our best recommendation is to keep the weather in mind. If you’re planning a wedding in a humid environment—consider less leather. You’ll end up sweating more, and attracting more sun. Neither of which will be comfortable!


Leather Jacket
Source: Etsy.com

Just like the wedding dress is a versatile piece—so is a leather jacket. Anyone in the wedding party can wear one: a bride, a groom, a bridesmaid, or groomsman! The bride pictured had her entire bridal party wear them. But notice the color of her jacket. It’s not black! Instead, it’s a soft pink that makes it stand out against the others. And, it’s probably more in-line with her style than a black jacket. At the end of the day, that’s what matters the absolute most.

Bonus Tip: If you really love the traditional look of an all-white wedding dress, consider white leather for some texture without the pop of color.


Crank up the class with leather suit lapels for the gentlemen in the wedding! Like we’ve already said, your color palette won’t stand in your way—and this is especially true for lapels. Are you planning a winter wedding, with rich colors like the photo above? No problem. Or maybe your wedding is in the summertime—that’s not an issue, either. Black lapels against a white or beige suit would pop even more.

If you choose this look for all the men in the wedding, we recommend choosing something to make the groom and/or best man stand out. Maybe a differently colored bow tie, or a boutonniere on the lapel. It’s easy to get creative!


Leather Boots

If you’re worried about “pulling off” leather, we say, “Who cares; it’s your wedding!” But we, of course, want you be comfortable on your special day. And if you really don’t think the leather look is picture perfect, then we have a solution for you!

With a long dress, hardly anyone is going to see your shoes. That’s why many brides have a little fun—some wear sneakers, others wear blue heels in honor of the traditional “something blue” rhyme. If you want leather, but aren’t thrilled about wearing it for pictures, purchase some stylish boots no one but you will see!


Leather Belts
Source: Inside Weddings

Another subtle way to use the soft fabric is with belts. Just like jackets, the belts can be worn by anyone in the wedding. In the party pictured above, the bride isn’t even wearing a belt! But all her BBFs are, and if you look carefully, you can even see that the belts aren’t black. Leather really does come in different colors!

We love these belts the most because they fit so naturally into the bridesmaids dresses (or in this case, skirts). The style of this bride’s wedding is so different than some of the others pictured, but the leather works perfectly in both ceremonies!


During chilly, winter weddings, you’ve got to find fashionable ways to keep everyone warm. Gloves are already a wedding go-to—so why not enhance your look with a leather pair? You might not wear the gloves during the ceremony or reception, but they would keep your hands warm during travel. Plus, if you take any photos outside during the event, they’ll come in handy, then, too!

Bouquet Wraps

Leather Bouquet Wrap
Source: Green Wedding Shoes

After reading all the suggestions, still not sold on leather clothing? Never fear! Even a rustic fall wedding can use a little leather love. Wrap your bouquets in the material for a down-to-earth touch. You could even wrap vases the same way, so the centerpieces match the bridal party bouquets.

Bonus Tip: Consider monogramming the strip for each bridesmaid as a thank you gift memento.


Did we do a good job convincing you to join the leather trend? It’s totally fine if we didn’t! Like any wedding detail—if it’s going to feel forced, simply don’t do it. But if you find yourself thinking, “I could totally pull this off!” we hope we’ve given you some good ideas.

A lot of fashion trends come and go—high-waist pants keep coming and going out of style. Do you think leather weddings will stick around? Or do you think the fad will fade for a few decades?