Graduation Presents for Grad

Graduations are a significant event, and an accomplishment for any student. And as with any accomplishment, time should be taken to celebrate. The graduate doesn’t have to know what their next step is—that’s not why you celebrate. Instead, you simply celebrate their achievements thus far. If you’re attending one—or more—graduation parties this year, you have to choose what graduation presents to buy. And that can certainly be challenging.

Even if you know the next steps your grad is taking, that might not help your decision. After all, so much could change for the young person over the next few years as they’re figuring out adulthood, and what they do and don’t like.

That’s why we want to help! These graduation presents will stand the test of time—they’re useful while also being cool and trendy. Some are ideal for college-bound grads, while others are perfect for the grad who doesn’t know, “Where to next?” But all of them are sure to be a win!

Graduation Presents Instant Pot

Instant Pot

Cost: $59.95
Get it at Target
Cook meals in just minutes! Perfect for grads to cook meals in between studying—or who want to meal prep on the weekends. From appetizers to desserts, there’s nothing you can’t make with an Instant Pot! You just might end up buying one for yourself.

Laptop Bag

Cost: $35.99
Get it at Dell
If your grad has a laptop, then a protective bag will serve them well. Whether they intend to go to work or school, they can keep everything in their new, durable bag. And if you want to do a joint graduation gift, find someone to fill the bag with pens, notebooks, and all sorts of goodies so it’s well stocked!

Instant Digital Camera

Cost: $69.99
Get it at B&H Photo
Let your grad make instant memories with a digital camera—that prints pictures on the spot! They can use it to record their graduation party, and anywhere else their future takes them!

Graduation Presents Quarters

$90 in Quarters

Cost: $90
Get it at your local bank
Quarters make perfect graduation present—no matter what your grad’s next step is. Are they moving out? Quarters for laundry! Are they going away to college? Quarters for parking! And if there’s absolutely no need for quarters, you’re still giving the lucky grad $90.

Carbon Wallet

Cost: $41
Get it at Etsy
This slim, durable wallet fits money, cards, keys, and includes a multi-tool. You can purchase on its own, or with a hook and/or belt clip. Great graduation presents for grads going to college (or who constantly lose their IDs!).

Graduation Presents Multitool


Cost: $59.95
Get it at Leatherman
How many times have you needed a screwdriver or box opener and never had one? A multi-tool solves these problems and more, making it the perfect present. Grads can put it in their car, or keep it in their backpack for whenever they need it.

Graduation Presents Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers

Cost: $74.99
Get it at Best Buy
Roadtrips, vacations, and study sessions—there are so many perfect occasions for music. Portable Bluetooth speakers make great graduation presents for even the pickiest graduate!

Graduation Presents World Traveler Cork Globe

World Traveler Cork Globe

Cost: $80
Get it at Uncommon Goods
Adulthood can be marked by many different moments. One of those moments is graduation—either from college or high school. Encourage your grad to see the world, now that they’re “on their own” and can travel to places they’ve always wanted to go.

Graduation Presents Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Membership

Cost: $99
Get it at Amazon
Whether they’re going off to college, or graduating and moving out on their own—there’s a lot of responsibility involved. From buying textbooks to paper towels, Amazon Prime’s quick and free shipping is perfect for a grad learning how to plan ahead.


Graduation Presents Under 99

If some of these gifts seem impersonal, put your unique spin on them! Gift the instant digital camera along with some framed pictures. Or mark the places on the cork globe you’ve visited—and give them push pins in different colors. Make it your own, so it feels like their own, too.

How else would you personalize these graduation gifts? Do you have any additions to the list?