Shoes with Something Blue Laces

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue

We’re all familiar with that wedding rhyme. It might seem easy to come up with the first three parts of that—after all, the dress falls into at least one of those categories. But getting a touch of blue can be a challenge if it’s not already part of your color scheme. To help you keep with tradition, while still staying true to your special day, we’ve come up with some clever ways to get that blue touch.

1. The Shoes

Typically hidden by the dress, the bride’s shoes can be any color or style. Why not make them blue? But this one isn’t just for the bride, either. Blue laces on the groom’s dress shoes would match perfectly if the groomsmen are all wearing blue suits, instead of traditional black or gray.

8 Something Blue Wedding Ideas

2. The Garter

Perfect for the big reveal after the bouquet is thrown, a something blue garter blends multiple wedding traditions into one. And even if you don’t throw a bouquet, or exchange a garter, it’s a nice surprise for the wedding night.

Bonus Tip: Turn the garter into a keepsake by sewing “Something Blue” onto it. 

3. The Ties & Pocket Squares

Make it a bridal party rule: everyone wearing a suit has to have either a blue tie or pocket square! Let everyone personalize the items by choosing their favorite shade of blue, or a different pattern of a specific blue hue.

Man Wearing Something Blue Tie

4. The Jewelry

Add a necklace or bracelet with just a hint of a blue sparkle. This is especially beautiful in the winter time—the blue twinkle gives the pieces a frosty touch. You can also consider matching bracelets with your gal pals as part of your, “Thank you” gift to them.

5. The Hairpiece

We recommend going bold with this one! Use deep sapphire or bright topaz for a little something blue in your hair. Adding some drama is perfect in your ‘do—especially if you wear your hair up.

6. The Flowers

This might be a tricky, because you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t clash with your overall color palette. Help it blend in by adding other flowers that do complement your palette. Lots of greenery for your minimalist spring wedding. Or add some purple for your rich, fall wedding.

Women with Something Blue Flowers

7. The Sash

Quite literally wrap yourself in blue with this idea. Sashes can do wonders with the waistline of your dress, so why not play it up even more with a hint of blue!

Bonus Tip: Soft blues create an elegant feel, while rich blues bring warmth.

8. The Manicure

Or pedicure—we don’t discriminate! It’s the perfect subtle something blue. Guests will see it as you walk down the aisle holding flowers, during the dance, and in photos that capture the newlywed rings.


Incorporating something blue into your wedding day doesn’t have to be complicated or ornate. You can include it in simple, subtle ways so only the guests paying attention will notice.