Eventective has re-imagined the way you find and respond to business opportunities – leads and referrals.  And it’s built to work for you, whether you’re an occasional lead buyer or a Premium power user.

Lead Market

Quickly view all the leads in your area in the Lead Market using desktop or mobile devices.  Click or touch any lead to see the details–touch again to buy it.

The Lead Market displays Competitive Leads – leads sent to multiple event professionals – in the order received, with the most recent leads at the top.  You can quickly scan the list for event details such as attendee count, event date, lead location and budget (if provided). 

Along the right side, you will see the price of the lead, the date it was submitted, and the number of competitors who have already pursued the lead.  Click or tap on any lead to read the event description and reveal the Buy and Archive buttons. 

Lead Market

Does the lead look like a good fit for your business?  Click or tap Buy to purchase the lead and move it to your Inbox.  Not interested?  Click or tap Archive to move the lead to your Archived folder.

What else can you do in the Lead Market?

  • Add Lead Credit
Add Lead Credit
  • Buy the Leads you want to pursue
Buy Leads
  • Archive Leads you no longer want to see
Archive Leads

Event Manager

The Event Manager is the hub for Eventective communication, optimized for use on any device.  Your Inbox is the place to manage all your event opportunities, making it easy to stay organized.  New activities are shown right at the top, with easy-to-identify icons to notify you of what’s going on with each prospect.

The Inbox includes a number of pre-set filters for categorizing prospects:

Referrals – Filter out purchased leads and view only your free referrals.

Leads – Conversely, view only the competitive leads you are working. 

Flagged – View items that you have flagged for quick reference.

Booked – See business you have marked as Booked to track success.

Lost – See clients that you have marked as Lost. 

Archived – Review the items you have archived. 

Event Header

Click or tap any prospect in the above folders to reveal the Event Header and Timeline.

The Event Header contains all the event details, contact information and prospect status.  The Header also contains links for flagging leads, adding a note to the timeline, requesting refunds for purchased leads and printing or forwarding lead details.

Event Header

Event Timeline

The Event Timeline view lets you see everything that’s happened – from the initial request to messages and phone calls. It’s all in one place for easy access. Simply tap or click on the request to see its complete history, from the most recent activity at the top to the original request at the bottom of the timeline.

Timeline Tour

The Event Timeline provides three easy and efficient ways to reach out to your prospective clients.

Respond – Send a quick message via Eventective right from the Event Timeline.  You will receive notification in your Inbox when the user has viewed and/or replied to your message.  The time and date of those activities will be visible in the timeline.

Call – On your mobile device simply tap the client phone number in the Event Header and connect with them immediately.  The call activity is recorded in the Event Timeline so you can keep track of when you reached out.  Click-to-call also works with desktops and laptops that have integrated calling capabilities.

Email – Send a message from your business email by clicking on the email address in the Event Header on any email-enabled device.  Once again the action is recorded in the timeline.

Use the Notes feature to capture details of your client phone calls or copy the text from emails you sent/received elsewhere.  Any notes that you add are organized in the timeline for that event.

With the Event Manager, Eventective makes winning event business easier to manage and measure.  Whether you chase a few leads each year or power through dozens each week, these tools will help event professionals like you identify the best methods for success. 

Compatibility Note:  The technology used to deliver the Event Manager functionality is not compatible with Internet Explorer.  To use these features, you must use Microsoft Edge, or another browser such as ChromeFirefox or Safari.