Ideas for Fall Gifts

Great gifts are personal and practical—so they mean something to the recipient, but the item won’t just sit on a shelf and collect dust. But that’s a hard line to walk, especially for a wedding. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve seen your mate, or you don’t really talk about personal matters much. That’s where our list of fall gifts comes in handy!

Choosing a gift is easier when you have a focal point, like a wedding theme or time of year. Fall weddings are perfect, because there are plenty of fall gifts your mates can use right away—and use for the next few months, as well. You don’t have to go overboard with the fall theme, but think about the activities you like as the weather gets cooler, or the clothing you like to wear. The possibilities are endless!

Because we don’t have the time to list all the endless possibilities, we’ve gathered the top ideas that can be customized for any friend group, and used immediately at the wedding, or later on whenever your groomsman chooses. It should go without saying, but just in case—all of these should be accompanied by a card with a thank you note, even a short one.


Personalize with: Engraved initials or their favorite drink

Fall Gifts for Groomsmen

Hey, a little liquid courage before you walk down the aisle goes a long way! These fall gifts are perfect to present at any time—the bachelor party, the rehearsal dinner, or even the morning of the wedding. To demonstrate how well you know each groomsman, pair the flask with a small bottle of their favorite whiskey or other drink. Engraving the flasks adds a nice touch for small wedding parties, your best man, or family members only. If you think your mates will want to break in the gifts right away, bring a separate bottle to share; don’t expect them to open their gifted bottle.

Wool Scarves

Personalize with: Different colors or patterns for each groomsman

How else are you going to stay warm during the brisk fall evening? For an outdoor wedding, wool scarves are a cozy alternative to ties. But you can also use these fall gifts in wedding photos, and during the reception as the sun goes down. Each groomsman should receive a scarf in a different color or pattern. It doesn’t have to be their favorite color—most adults don’t have one—but it it should fit into their personal style so they wear it in the future.

Bonus Tip: If you want your friends to use their fall gifts at the wedding, don’t present them until the day before, or day of!

Football Jersey

Personalize with: Their favorite player’s jersey


Fall means football! Give your friends their favorite player’s jersey so they can watch the game with extra team spirit. Of course, you run the risk that some of your friends like the same player. (After all, who doesn’t want a Tom Brady jersey?) If that’s the case, start with the person you’ve known the longest, and work your way down. Your longest friend—who might be your sibling—gets their favorite, the second-longest gets their second-favorite, and so on. Older brothers, of course, would result in a tie because you’ve known them for the same amount of time. So in that case, the oldest wins.

Grooming Kits

Personalize with: A kit that matches their hair or grooming style

While grooming happens year-round, these kits are especially important fall gifts. Founded in 2004, No-Shave November raises awareness and starts conversations about cancer by letting body hair grow free. Every November, men (and women!) refuse to shave for the entire month—charmingly called Movember. So whether your friend already has a mustache, or is growing a beard for November, a grooming kit will come in handy. For those groomsmen who keep it trim all year, consider a facial kit of shaving supplies.

Utility Tool or Pocket Knife

Personalize with: Engraved initials

Pocket Knife for Fall Gifts

A Boy Scout is always prepared, and these tools will help! You can give your whole crew the same tool with a funny, “Thanks for helping me survive the wedding,” note and a monogrammed case. Or give a combination of pocket tools, depending on the friend. Maybe one friend is a carpenter and they’re always looking for a screwdriver. Another always uses his teeth to open things, so a pocket knife will save him money in future dental work. Keep your fall gifts simple, while making them personal.

Leather Wallet

Personalize with: Picture or inside joke inside

With frequent use, getting shoved in pockets and left in cars, wallets withstand a lot of damage. Gift your groomsmen with a new, high-quality wallet that will last. You can always engrave the wallets, but consider putting a note or funny memory inside the wallet instead. Or even a scratch ticket—something that’s an unexpected surprise inside. They may not even open it until they get home from the wedding, so including a thank you note would be a timely sentiment.


Personalize with: Unique lighters

Cigars for Fall Gifts

You can use these fall gifts the night before the wedding. Be sure to give your groomsmen a few, so they can take the rest home with them. Package the cigars with a lighter that represents your friend’s interests. That might sound like a tall order, but there are all sorts of lighters out there—from bullets to fire extinguishers and even ones that say, “Don’t tell mom.” It’ll be easy to find different ones your friends will love!


Don’t overthink your groomsmen gifts! Most importantly, they’re a way to say “thank you” to your mates—so think of something they will use, or something you can do together. And if you’re planning a fall wedding, it doesn’t hurt for the gift to have a touch of fall as well.

Have you ever received a groomsman gift? What was it?