Ask to be Groomsmen Travel

Getting engaged is exciting, and you probably feel some relief that the hard part is over. Now you just have to get married! But if you were the one to propose, your soon-to-be-spouse isn’t the only person you have to pop the question to. Next on your list is asking friends to be groomsmen in the upcoming wedding.

There’s really no right or wrong way to ask someone to be a groomsmen—or a bridesmaid, for that matter. What’s most important is that you’re comfortable, and your friend is, too. This means you can do some special, or you can keep it low key. The options are endless!

But because sometimes endless options can be overwhelming, we’ve compiled some ways you can ask your mates to be groomsmen. Some are more extravagant than others—and some you could even blend together.


Ask to be Groomsmen Golf

Is there something you and your mates do together regularly? Maybe you spend the afternoon on the green, or playing basketball at the nearby park. That’s a great time to ask your friends to be groomsmen, especially if some—or all!—of them are present. You don’t have to go out of your way to plan something extravagant to ask anyone to be groomsmen. You certainly can, but it’s not a requirement.

If not everyone is present, that’s okay! Keep reading to see what solo options you have for those friends. You might not ever get everyone in one spot to ask, so don’t put too much pressure on wanting everyone there at the same time.


Ask to be Groomsmen Drinks

Like we said, you don’t have to get fancy to ask someone to be a groomsmen! You could plan a casual night at the bar, and ask them over a drink or two. This allows for some catch up time, and you can answer any questions they may have, like, “What do I have to do?” 

Bonus Tip: This options allows for a group outing, or a one-on-one evening. Whichever one works best!


It’s common to give a gift when asking someone to be a groomsmen or bridesmaid. It can be small or large, personal or engraved. Many couples try to tie it into the wedding theme—but don’t get to carried away with that. Instead, think about what your friend would like to receive. It’s a nice way to show that you’re still thinking about them, even though you’re getting married.

If you want to give a gift, but aren’t sure where to start—check out our ideas for groomsmen gifts. use the ideas as is, or engrave something—like a flask—to pop the, “Will you be my groomsman?”


Ask to be Gromosmen Trip

Were you planning a getaway with your friends? If they’re the same group that you want to be groomsmen, consider taking some time at dinner one evening, or over breakfast before the day gets started. This makes your vacation that much more memorable—and if everyone’s already taking photos, you’ll have a way to remember the trip.

Bonus Tip: Plan something special for after, like a brewery tour, to do together. It will show your mates that you’ll still spend time with them after you’re married.


However you want to ask your friends to be groomsmen—go for it! There’s no wrong way to do it, as long as you have fun. If you and your fiance have a lot of mutual friends, you could consider one big party with everyone, where you ask your friends as a couple.

If this sparked your own idea, share it with us below!