Groomsmen Tieing Tie

Sometimes, it’s hard to buy gifts for people we’re really close with. Showing your appreciation with gifts can feel like a lot of pressure—especially on such an important day. But don’t worry! You can show your gratitude with gifts that are also useful. These groomsmen gifts are perfect for both asking someone to be in your wedding party—as well as saying, “Thank you” for being in your party.

As with any gift, consider your recipient when purchasing. And as always, our bonus tip is engraving or personalization for an added touch.

Something they can wear

Groomsmen Gifts They Can Wear

This can include something to wear at the wedding, or after the wedding. If your color palette isn’t too bold, it can be used for both! Gifts your groomsmen can wear are both practical and enjoyable. After all, who doesn’t enjoy getting dressed up now and again? And if you want to do something extra-personal as a thank you, personalize the items with each friend’s initials, or a significant date, like the year you graduated college.

Groomsmen gifts they can wear include:

  • Cuff Links
  • Tie & Pocket Square Combination
  • Watches

Something they can drink

Groomsmen Gifts A Guide

You can certainly get creative with this category! It’s almost guaranteed that everyone in your party prefers a different drink. So keep the theme general, and buy different drink-related gifts for each member. That shows that you know them well, and were thinking about them as individuals and not a group. We’ve compiled a list below—and we know only the hardcore among us drink that last suggestion. But it’s liquid enough, so we think it counts!

Bonus Tip: Be sure to wrap the fragile gifts extra carefully to prevent breaking.

Groomsmen gifts they can drink include:

  • Personalized Barware
  • Bottle of Whiskey (or preferred beverage)
  • DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Something they can use

Groomsmen Gifts They Can Use

Maybe you have a group of very practical friends and family. There’s nothing wrong with that—and you can still buy them the perfect thank you gift. Just be sure to keep it practical, just like their recipient. Consider gifts that they can keep on-hand in their pocket, or in the glove box of their car. If you ever find yourself thinking, “It would be really handy to have THIS item right now,” that’s a perfect practical idea, too. Like the other items, these can engraved as well.

Groomsmen gifts they can use include:

  • Pocket Knives
  • Fountain Pens
  • Sunglasses

Something they do with you

Groomsmen Gifts They Can Use With You

These men (and sometimes women!) are your friends, right? It’s no secret that your life is going to change once you’re married. And while that doesn’t mean you’ll stop spending time with your friends, a gift that says, “Let’s do this together,” is reassuring. Activities can include games you both enjoy, or even something you don’t enjoy, but your friend or relative does. It’s another way to balance practical and personal.

Groomsmen gifts they can do with you include:

  • Cigars
  • Golf Clubs
  • Sporting Event Tickets


A gift can really say it all. Don’t forget to include a card–even a short one that just says, “Thanks, Man.” Putting in the time to choose and present the gifts will show everyone in your party how much you care.