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What Event Insurance is and Why You Need it

From natural disasters to drunk and disorderly guests, a myriad of things can happen to put a damper on your event. No matter how perfectly you plan your event, you can never eliminate the potential for unexpected blunders that could leave you with a major liability. From the drunken guest who sues you because he fell and broke an ankle at your party, to the hurricane that randomly destroys your wedding hall two months before your wedding, anything can happen—and when it does, you’re responsible for it. The good news is that you can protect yourself when catastrophe strikes—with event insurance. Event insurance is an invaluable asset to any event. Event insurance can cover everything from stolen jewelry to terrorist attacks. Protect yourself and your investment—take precautions against losing your deposits/money by purchasing event insurance.


Seven Steps for Planning the Perfect Event

Every event—from the smallest birthday party to the grandest wedding—requires some planning and organization. How well you manage the details determines whether you have an outstanding event or just an average one. Whether you’re planning a party around your kitchen table or are part of a team of seasoned experts organizing the wedding of the century, the fundamental process for planning a successful event is more or less the same. Regardless of the type of event you are planning, here are seven steps to help ensure your event is successful and your planning process is fun and stress-free.


Top Ten Tips for Planning a Quinceañera Celebration

Plan the Quinceañera celebration of your dreams. From selecting a venue and vendors, to setting budgets and sponsors, this article outlines the key steps in making the planning process easier so you and your guests can enjoy a memorable celebration!


Memorable in Miami – Selecting the Right Vendors for Your Event

Hosting a meeting, party, reception, conference in Miami? You’ve picked a great city! Located in southeastern Florida, the Miami metro is located on northern Biscayne Bay between the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. A melting pot with a large Latin American and Caribbean population, Miami is often called “The Gateway of the Americas”.


New York – The Boroughs and Beyond

If you’re planning an event in NY and haven’t had the pleasure of growing up there…we can help! We’ve focused on the boroughs of New York and the surrounding area, what they have to offer and the great spaces within. NYC provides unlimited resources for all of your meeting needs. From small family gatherings at some of the most unique places to the largest of conventions, NYC has something for everyone!


Make Your Meeting Memorable

Planning a memorable meeting can be easy and with a little thought and planning, you can arrange a meeting that is the talk of the town. We all know someone who complains of being bored at meeting and conventions, and many of us go just for the golf and galas. Well, you can help turn that trend around and here are some tips to get the ball rolling on your next meeting, conference, training session, off-site, team-building event.


Navigating Beantown

Planning a meeting, conference, convention, seminar, off-site event, party, wedding, or reception in Boston? Well, sit back and relax – you’ve picked a great city! Often associated with history and culture, Boston is also an up and coming culinary destination with a wealth of attractions and historic sites to complement its old world charm. With national landmarks, historic buildings, parks and cemeteries; birthplace to presidents, politicians and famous poets, Boston has something for everyone on your guest list. Brownstones, cobblestone streets and gas-lamps all add to the city’s architectural treasures and ambiance.

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Hosting an Event at the Museum

Museums and Galleries in Washington, DC offer the most exquisite locations for your holiday party, quarterly meeting, lecture, seminar, sales meeting, corporate event, power breakfast, wedding or cocktail reception, award ceremony, black and white gala reception, fundraiser, silent auction, recognition function, afternoon tea, bridal shower, charity event, or any other special occasion that calls for elegant and formal surroundings. Museums and galleries have a striking elegance with the right ambiance and grandeur for your formal event. No decorations are required! Vaulted ceilings, ornate pillars, marble floors, art, sculptures, special exhibits, modern art, sweeping entries and magnificent doorways, wide stairs, chandeliers can all be signature features to make your special event unique!

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Go Green in San Francisco

More than just the latest trend, environmentally conscious meetings, receptions, conferences, weddings, seminars, retreats, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and anniversary parties make good business sense. According to TheGreenGuide, municipal composting, green design, a high percentage of renewable energy and a high use of public transportation propelled San Francisco into the top 25 green cities in the US in 2006, and the top ten in 2005!