Have you ever been to a wedding that you hoped would never end? Or have you been to a wedding and found about an after party, well, after the fact? Wedding after parties are a great way to keep the celebration going and spend more time with your guests. Depending on your venue, your personalities, and your style, you can get pretty niche with your planning! 

Here are 12 wedding after party ideas:

Late-night after parties:

Hotel Bar

A simple option! If you’re having your wedding at a hotel, or have the majority of your guests staying in the same hotel, have people head to the hotel bar after the wedding reception winds down for a nightcap and some chill conversations. 

Movie night

Want a quiet way for guests to wind down after the event? Host a movie night! You can rent a room from the hotel where you’re all staying. Or, if you have the space, host it in the backyard of your house and rent an inflatable screen to project the movie onto. Set up string lights and have popcorn and candy available for a late night snack.

Karaoke Bar

For those who love to celebrate in song, a karaoke bar is the way to go. You can rent out a karaoke bar or function room and have your guests meet for some tunes after the wedding. Be sure to provide snacks, water, and some song ideas!

All night diner

If you have a smaller wedding party, consider heading to an all-night diner for good food and extra time with your friends and family. Call ahead to make sure they’ll have space depending on the number of guests you expect to show.

Grilled Cheese Bar 

Who doesn’t love a cheesy snack at the end of the night? A grilled cheese bar is a great way to extend the party or give your guests a thoughtful send off. Check with your venue or caterers if they can make-ahead grilled cheeses for guests to take with them, or to pass around at the end of the night if you’re staying after.

Campfire hot dogs + s’mores

For weddings with outdoor venues or camping vibes, a campfire at the end night with roasted hot dogs and s’mores is a great way to wind down. 

Pajama Party

Another take on a movie night – have your guests swap their party dresses and suits for comfy sweats and PJs. You can have a buffet of easy snacks like popcorn, pretzels, chips, and your favorite candy and get a few pizzas delivered.

Day after parties:

Depending on what day of the week you’re getting married, having a day-after party is a great way to spend more time with your family and friends.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov


Who doesn’t love brunch? No need to worry about hosting–with so many brunch options in every city and town, you can make a reservation at a nearby restaurant. Or, corral guests the next morning at your hotel restaurant for a breakfast before everyone says goodbye and bon voyage to the honeymooners.


For the laid-back outdoor-loving bride and groom, throw a picnic at your favorite park. You can order sandwiches from a deli or have everyone bring their favorite salads. Picnics are great for everyone and easily customizable!

Photo by Askar Abayev


Some parks have grilling spaces, so  you can level-up your picnic to a barbecue. Or, if you’re getting married in the same town or city where you live, you can host a BBQ. Make it a potluck if you want a little less prep to think about, or see if another family member can host you in their backyard.

Pool party

A perfect summer after-party for those with pool access. Maybe your wedding hotel has a great pool deck or you have one at home. Invite your guests to stop by for a swim and a popsicle or two!

Seaside Sendoff

For anyone with a beach wedding, a seaside sendoff is a great way to say goodbye. Invite your guests to hang out at the beach the day after your wedding for some beach volleyball, corn hole, and some snacks.



After much planning for your wedding, your big day will fly by. An after party is a great way to squeeze a little extra time with your favorite people in the world and keep the celebration going.

The most important thing is to coordinate and communicate – it doesn’t matter if you do a big after party or just want people to know where they can hang out after, let everyone know ahead of time so they can plan. Include it on your invitations and on your wedding website! Use our free website builder tool.