It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. Especially when you have some extra time during the work week thanks to Summer Fridays.

If you’re new to the concept – “Summer Fridays” are the opportunity to leave early, take a half day, or work from home during the summer season, from Memorial day through Labor day. 

With longer days and lovely weather, you should make the most of summer Fridays if your company offers them!

14 things to do on with your Summer Fridays:

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Host an epic pool party

The weather is heating up and what better way to celebrate a Summer Friday than by sipping a fruity drink by the pool? Celebrate being out of the office with an epic pool party and stay cool at the same time!

Plan a barbeque

Summer screams charcoal, corn on the cob, and all kinds of salads. Spend your time off from work planning a barbeque your friends and family will love. Here are 7 tips to planning a budget-friendly barbeque.

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Explore  a museum

Not only are museums usually extra-air conditioned and filled with interesting, important art and artifacts, they’re also less crowded during the week. Make the most of your summer Friday by strolling past beautiful art and learning about history.

Go to a concert

Summer is concert season! Enjoy the longer days and warmer evenings by attending an outdoor concert. Many music festivals take place so if you like to camp and immerse yourself in music, spend a summer Friday afternoon planning your lineup!

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Go for a hike

Avoid too-busy trails during the summer months by hiking on a Friday afternoon while other people are still in the office. 

Test out new recipes

With a little extra time in your schedule you can try a new recipe with no-stakes. Plus, summer is the season of get-togethers so you can perfect your cookie recipe, your pasta salad, or test out new fruit popsicle concoctions.


Give back to your community by volunteering your time. You can lean into your interests and find organizations that support causes that mean the most to you. For example, if you speak a second language you can volunteer to tutor or be a translator for those in need.

Take a language class

Spend your Friday afternoons learning a new skill like a new language! You can find classes online, in person, and even with apps like duolingo. 

Do arts and crafts

Lean into your creative side by taking up a craft or artistic hobby. Go paint pottery, learn to crochet, or something out of your comfort zone!

Plan a family reunion

Take advantage of a little extra free time and plan a family reunion! The holidays aren’t the only time to spend with family, and you can do some interesting things together or explore your city!

Photo by Rachel Claire

Have a picnic in the park

Want to relax on a Friday afternoon? What better way than by heading to the park on a summery afternoon with a cooler full of snacks, a picnic blanket, and a good book.

Try a new workout class

Try a new workout or take a group fitness class with friends. Sweat together then celebrate the summer after with smoothies!

Have a party just because

Remember when you were a kid and you could just call your neighborhood friends and see who was around? Now it takes a little more planning to corral your friends together so why not use your Summer Friday to plan a get together. Here are some party planning tips to get you started.

Take advantage of free events

Depending on where you live, your town or city may have free events to go to throughout the summer. There are often summer movie nights in the garden, live plays in the park, and free concerts or after-hour entry to museums. Make the most of your summer by taking a Friday afternoon to plan some fun!

We all deserve rest and relaxation. Hopefully you’re able to take advantage of a Summer Friday from work, but if you’re still working the full time you can enjoy these activities any night of the week or weekend!