Summer is winding down. Kids (and parents) are getting excited about the return to the classroom. Back to school sales are starting. And you can almost hear that bus rounding the corner. It’s time to plan a back to school party for the kids!

Image of children playing ring-around-the-rosey.
Photo by Jay Chen

Whether your summer has been magical, stressful, or just downright sweltering, why not throw the perfect party to bid adieu to the season with a unique party for the kids? Here are 6 back to school party ideas and digital invitation templates to get the party started:

Backyard Camping

Pitch a tent. Roll out the sleeping bags. Light up a campfire. Grab the fixin’s for some s’mores. And keep the bug spray handy. It’s time for a night in the great outdoors (in your backyard). Make it a sleepover or just an evening party. 

At-Home Water Park

Avoid the crowds and bring the water fun to your backyard. Inflatable pools, squirt guns, water balloons, slip-n-slides, and sprinklers are all perfect options to create an active atmosphere that will tire them out and keep them cool.

Scavenger Hunt

Get the kids moving and keep them busy! Hide clues around the neighborhood and have them race to find them. Don’t forget the prizes.

Character Costume

Everyone loves a costume party. And who says you have to wait until Halloween? Encourage the kids to dress up as their favorite characters. Whether it’s a superhero, a Disney princess, or even Forrest Gump, they’ll love the opportunity to pose for the day.

Movie Night

Roll out the red carpet, pop that popcorn, hook up a projector and a giant screen, and get the party started. Choose a movie beforehand and invite guests to dress up as the characters or bring a themed snack with them. 

Arts and Crafts

This one can certainly be hosted inside (perfect if you live where there is unpredictable weather), but an outside Arts and Crafts party can really boost the creativity (and reduce the mess). 

Plan Your Next Back to School Party

No matter the theme you choose, this party will be a great send-off for the kids, getting them amped up for school to begin. Remember to get those invitations out early, plan for inclement weather, and above all, have fun!

Don’t want to host at home? There are plenty of places you can bring the party. Parks, community centers, and event spaces have rental options and spaces that are perfect for your celebration. You can check out our venues listings to see which location is perfect for your plans.

Kadi McDonald is a freelance writer, marketing strategist, and a proud Cleveland sports fan, and says hello to every animal she comes across.