Wedding favors are tricky. While they won’t make or break your special day, it’s challenging to pick something that travels well for out-of-town guests and interests a variety of ages—all while representing you and your spouse.

Thankfully, if you’re planning a fall wedding, the favors practically pick themselves! Fall favors make it easy to let the guests choose their own—which makes them feel a little more involved—or to allow you to personalize packaging with a date or initials.

Creative Fall Wedding Favors You'll Love

Drink Mixes

After a night of celebration, your guest can recharge the following day with a warm cup of whatever they choose. Offer a variety of mixes at each table for guests—tea, coco, apple cider mix, powdered coffee. Include more mix than guests per table, so everyone gets a chance to pick what they want.

Hand Warmers

Perfect for outdoor or barn weddings—give your guests a little warmth to thank them for the warmth of their friendship. Choose a few different colors that match your décor, and place baskets at the entrance to the ceremony. Guests can choose their own for warm hands and warmer memories.

Caramel Apples

What’s more useful than something you can eat? Guests can eat the apple there, or bring it home for a post-celebration treat later that night. Alternate chocolate and caramel at the seats, with a variety of toppings at each table to guests can trade. Be aware of food alergies beforehand, though.

Trail Mix

Popular summertime favors are create-your-own-candy-bag tables. Why not a DIY trail mix station for a take-home snack? Personalize the containers in the shape of a heart or leaf, and include all sorts of ingredients—coconut, nuts, chocolate, dried fruits of all kind, and even offer candy corn for a fall twist.

S’more Jar

Seeing the common theme of food yet? They’re simple crowd pleasers! Put together festive s’more jars with a fancy twist like high-end chocolate pieces, or be unique and treat it more like a parfait with crushed graham cracker and cocoa nibs.

Lip Balm

Also perfect for the colder months, gift your guests personalized lip balms. Get creative with the label, including your names and wedding date, or you can even go the extra mile and create your own special flavor—just be sure to test it before the big day!

Maple Syrup

This suggestion comes from a real-life wedding I attended Fall 2016. The bride’s grandfather made his own maple syrup for years, passing the tradition on to his son, the bride’s father. The grandfather passed a few years before the wedding, and so was unable to attend. As a tribute to tradition, the father made maple syrup for all the favors as his father had taught him, packaging it in glass maple leaf jars. Useful, sentimental, and perfect for her fall wedding—and delicious to boot!

With these being our top fall favors list, we know there are many others out there. Please share what favors you had at your wedding and which one you would recommend to a fall bride! We can’t wait to hear from you!