COVID changed the wedding industry—maybe forever. During the pandemic, many couples got married but postponed their large celebration. Some even delayed their nuptials entirely until things were “back to normal.” And while things may not be normal right now, guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local governments continue to be more relaxed than they have been in months. This, of course, is causing an increase in weddings. To accommodate that increase, venues and couples are exploring the idea of weekday weddings.

Because there are so many couples looking to tie the knot, venues are finding themselves booked through the end of 2021 and even 2022. Well, on weekends, that is. Many venues are open and available for weekday weddings, so you won’t have to wait until 2023 to exchange I dos. As a society, we’ve made so many changes in the past 18 months that are likely here to stay. Could weekday weddings be one of those changes? The coming year will help answer that question in a big way.

Weekday Weddings Were Always Here…

Before COVID, weekend weddings were the most popular option—especially on Saturdays. And that’s still true, even in the midst of the pandemic. Hosting a weekend wedding gives guests a chance to extend their trip to Friday or Sunday. Plus, guests who work Monday through Friday already have the weekend off for travel.

Before the pandemic, however, weekday weddings weren’t unheard of. On the contrary, one in five couples were already planning weekday weddings. And for good reasons, too! Weekday weddings can cost less than their weekend counterpart. Venues, vendors, and even travel can be less expensive during the week. On top of that, you can host a more intimate wedding, as fewer guests will be able to attend. (Another wedding trend we may see in 2022 and beyond.) As they’re rising in popularity, weekend weddings have a lot to offer in 2022.

…But COVID Made Them Popular

As we mentioned earlier, COVID had many couples postponing their nuptials or, at very least, celebrating those nuptials with a small group of friends and family. Because of that wait, many of the venues listed on Eventective and other wedding venue directories are booked through the end of 2022. But in an attempt to secure their favorite venue or skip the long wait list, couples are making weekday weddings the next wedding trend. They’ve already waited a long time to get married, and they don’t want to keep waiting for the next available weekend. So they don’t wait! Instead, they choose a quiet Tuesday or a sunny Thursday and continue wedding planning.

Photographers, Caterers, and Florists Are Affected, Too

Of course, venues aren’t the only ones with a packed schedule. All wedding vendors are struggling with the same full weekends: photographers, caterers, florists, DJs. Planning a weekday wedding doesn’t just help you book your ideal venue. It can help secure your favorite florist or dream photographer as well. Most weddings don’t happen without food, photos, or flowers. So even though venues are an important wedding day decision, there are lots of other people and vendors who help make your big day special.

Booking Your Ideal Venue

Despite the high demand for weekend dates, there are ways you can book your ideal spot. First, no matter what day of the week you want to get hitched, don’t wait! Venues are booking fast, and vendors aren’t booking any slower. The entire wedding industry is rebounding in a major way, so you should book everything as soon as you have your budget set and a vision in your head. Of course, we don’t encourage rushing through the planning process—make decisions that you know you’ll love a few months from now.

Second, consider some out-of-the-box solutions like weekday weddings or a smaller wedding so you have more flexibility when choosing a venue. We’re certainly not encouraging you to compromise your wedding vision. But if having a wedding sooner rather than later is important to you, consider the parts of your wedding that aren’t as important, and see if you can use them to come up with creative solutions.

is 2022 the year of weekday weddings?

Third, always check a venue’s ability before crossing it off your list. You can call or email them directly, or use Eventective’s new Calendar Availability feature that lets you see exactly when a venue is open for your wedding. (Hint: It’s probably a weekday!) But don’t assume that your dream venue is booked. Instead, contact them and make sure they are before looking elsewhere.


The wedding industry is playing catch up from the last 18 months of COVID. Venues and other wedding professionals are booked months in advance. Most are even booked through 2022 on weekends already! While this is great news for the wedding industry, it does make picking your dream wedding date tricky. Creative thinking, like weekday weddings, will help get you your dream venue without the two-year wait time.

Are you thinking about a weekday wedding? Or would you rather wait for a weekend date? Share your thoughts with us below!