If you’re considering a weekday wedding, you already know that it isn’t the norm. In fact, only 1 out of every 5 weddings occurs on a week day. But just because it’s uncommon doesn’t mean it’s wrong for you! Planning a Monday wedding gives you all weekend to prepare and celebrate with out-of-town guests. And a Wednesday date means you can take a long weekend for your honeymoon. But, of course, those aren’t the only considerations when planning your special day. (Even if they are important ones!)

While you should always keep your guests, vendors, and venues in mind while planning your wedding, your concerns are different for a weekday celebration. And some of them may be make or break. Before committing to a date, consider these pros and cons of a weekday wedding. Keep in mind that week day typically refers to Monday through Thursday. Although some of these tips do apply to Fridays, Fridays are often considered part of the weekend in the event industry.


weekday wedding pro: venue availability

Vendors & Venues Are Available

Planning a weekday wedding isn’t the norm—and that’s one of its strengths. While multiple couples are trying to book the same caterer for Saturday nuptials, that caterer is more likely to be available on a Wednesday. This can mean quicker response times, and even landing your dream venue. (After all, it’s booked for the next 24 Saturdays, but not on your Wednesday wedding.)

However, we do want to stress that this is usually the case—not always. Some vendors and venues may be closed during the week, because there aren’t many opportunities. As with any wedding, you’ll have to do a little research to see what vendors and venues are available for your dream date.

Less Expensive

When you do find the perfect florist or DJ for your weekday wedding, they’ll often charge less than a weekend bash because of simple supply and demand. When more people want the same item, that item is worth more and, therefore, costs more.

For example, let’s say that 50 couples want to get married on a Saturday in May at the same venue. Of course, the venue can’t accommodate 50 weddings over four or five Saturdays. And because so many couples want the limited Saturdays, the venue will charge more for them. If one couple won’t pay the price, another one will. But this isn’t the case for a weekday wedding—there’s little-to-no demand for them, so venues lower their pricing to increase bookings.

weekday weddings pros and cons

This isn’t a trick that venues and vendors play—it’s simply how they compete in the market. And that competition is good for you and your weekday wedding! You may even find a venue or vendor that offers free or low-cost upgrades as an incentive to book on a less popular day, like a week day. In short, you may be able to afford your dream luxury wedding if you plan it during the week.

Cheaper Travel Options

Just like venues and vendors lower their prices on less popular event days, hotels and airlines do, too. So if you’re planning on traveling for your wedding—or if guests are coming to you—travel will usually be cheaper during the week. Of course, this might not apply for last-minute bookings. To get the most out of your budget (for both travel and vendors!), reserve your flights and rooms as soon as you can. The closer your purchase date is to your flight date, the more it costs because—you guessed it!—the higher the demand is.


Smaller Guest List

Week days aren’t popular for special events or travel because many people are working and living their “normal” lives. On the other hand, weekends are typically reserved for day trips and breaking the daily rhythm. So, by planning your wedding on an unusual day, your asking friends and family to take time off work, and upset their weekly routine. And your RSVPs will certainly suffer because of it.

For guests to attend a weekday wedding, many will take time off from work. And, depending on how far they have to travel, they may need two days’ vacation. Because the average private sector employee only receives 10 vacation days each year, even close friends and family members may reconsider attending your wedding. In summary—if you have a long guest list, you might want to reconsider your weekday wedding plans.

Early Night Out

Most guest aren’t willing to take time off for your wedding, and they won’t want to party late into the night, either. Guests who return to work the following morning won’t want to be tired or hung over. And anyone who is traveling may have booked early flights to be home in plenty of time to return to their schedule.

Guests Are Busy

weekend wedding con: guests are busy

Even with plenty of vacation time and no travel, your guests are still busy. Like we mentioned previously, they have daily routines, especially during the week. Friends and family expect to make exceptions on the weekend—most are even happy to! But many won’t want to miss the monthly PTO meeting, weekly book club, or poker night. Before deciding on a weekday wedding, consider your guest list. (And maybe even ask around to see who would be able to attend.)


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a weekday wedding—it can actually save you and your guests money. But there are special considerations to make as well. If you do exchange I do on a week day, plan for the late afternoon or early evening. That way, guests can take a half day and still make your wedding. Similarly, keep the ceremony and reception local for as many guests as you can. This will reduce the amount of traveling—which is a big hindrance. And finally, keep your guest list short and sweet. You’ll have fewer guests to send the recorded video to, and a higher attendance rate.

Why are you planning a weekday wedding? What pros are you excited about, and what cons make you nervous?