We tell brides and grooms all the time that the wedding venue is one of the most important decisions they’ll make. But the same is true for all events, including your mixer. Choosing unique venues for your next mixer can encourage attendance–if it’s a hot spot or fun atmosphere, guests will want to check it out. Plus, we all know that mixers can be uncomfortable at the very beginning. Conversation can sometimes feel forced, before things really pick up. But you can set the tone with the right venue.

For example, you can choose a venue that includes an experience, such as a tour or tasting. This automatically gives your attendees a shared experience, which allows them to bond and talk before the actual networking happens. No, they may not be talking about work or themselves–but they will be forming connections. That will make it easier for them to talk later on at the mixer.

Choosing a unique venue for your mixer can also give your attendees something to talk about. Getting into a rhythm with strangers can be awkward. So if you host your mixer at an art gallery or museum, they can, well, talk about the exhibits! After all, you can get to know someone by getting to know what kind of art they don’t like. These five unique venues for your next mixer can help you plan a comfortable, successful event that attendees will want to return to.

Nearby Coworking Space

Coworking is when employees or freelancers from different companies share a workspace. The space usually doesn’t have a dated office cubicle look, but it does have private offices, conference rooms, internet, and lots of opening work spaces, too. And you may be able to hold your next mixer there!

If your guest list includes young professionals or freelancers, or if you’re planning a work-oriented mixer, check out your local coworking space. Coworking usually requires a membership, but it’s often open 24/7 to members, you may be able to rent part of the common area or a meeting room. Plus, you’ll be supporting a local business.

Local Brewery or Winery

Bars are popular spots for mixers. They’re often more comfortable than a hotel event space, and it can be easier to strike up conversation with something in your hand, like water or beer. While bars may be a common destination, breweries and wineries typically have dedicated space for events. That means more privacy for your event, and more space if you plan on drawing a large crowd. You won’t have to get there early to reserve space for your group. In addition, a brewery or winery is more likely to have outdoor space–which may mean better ambiance and peace of mind during times like the COVID pandemic.

A Tea Shop

While many mixers and social events revolve around alcohol–yours doesn’t have to. This is especially true if you’re hosting during the day, when it’s less socially acceptable to drink, or the crowd isn’t big on drinking. A tea shop still gives attendees a pleasant atmosphere, something to drink, and something to eat. All important things at a mixer!

Plus, a tea shop gives you flexibility. You can have an informal or a formal one–whatever your event calls for. This is especially handy when you’re planning a business mixer. You’ll likely have guests dressed in everything from a suit to jeans and a button down. And a tea shop can accommodate all of that!

After Hours at a Creamery

There are plenty more alcohol-free unique venues for your next mixer! Just like a tea shop, a creamery allows your guests to skip the booze if they’d like to. Admittedly, after hours at almost any spot is cool. (Or before hours, if it’s typically a late-night spot.) But we think combining that with yummy treats is a perfect pairing.

Like we mentioned earlier, if you coordinate a tasting or a tour, it gives your attendees something they already have in common before they begin introductions. In addition, they get the initial conversation out of the way by talking about ice cream–before they start talking about themselves.

Boat or Yacht

Yes, we know this option is a little grandiose. Boats and yachts exude a sense of luxury–but that might be exactly what you want for your next mixer. If you’re planning a formal event, the venue should be formal as well. And if the guest list is made up of people who are important to your business or company, make them feel important with a luxury venue.

If you’re worried about the safety of a boat or yacht, you don’t necessarily have to cruise around the harbor. Sometimes, just having the event on the boat can be enough. This is especially true if the boat is docked in a scenic spot. Whether you go cruising or not, we recommend boats and yachts for events in the evening, so the setting sun can add to your overall ambiance.


unique venues for your next mixer

We’ve only listed a few here, but there are so many unique venues for your next mixer. Before choosing the right spot for your event, always consider the guests and the atmosphere. For example, are you planning a formal mixer? Then a creamery probably isn’t the right spot. On the other hand, if you want an intimate setting, a brewery may not be right, either. You have to know what kind of event you want before you can book a venue!

What’s the most unique venue you’ve ever been to? Share the details with us below!