Looking for additional ways to bring in new business for your venue? Allow Eventective to guide you in the right direction to secure event bookings. Consider Eventective’s Premium Promotion for access to unlimited traffic, quality leads, and increased visibility throughout your metro—opening a door to endless booking opportunities. The Premium Promotion allows new subscribers try out Eventective Premium – the most popular product – for 3-Month or 6-Month periods at an introductory discount.

Getting Started

Signing up for the promotion is easy! Simply contact your account manager and ask them about the Premium Promotion running in your area. Once signed up, your business will be displayed above the Courtesy Listings in your area, exposing you to Eventective users searching for event professionals at the most appropriate time – when they are looking. Additionally, you will have free access to Competitive Leads generated within up to 50 miles of your venue.

1-on-1 Guidance

At Eventective, we are here for you! We are proud to offer quality 1-on-1 customer service whenever you have a question or concern about your account. If you need help adding new photos to your listing, creating packages, setting your lead filters, or building templates to quickly respond to inquiries – simply call us and we’ll walk you through the steps. As a matter of fact, once signed up for your Premium Promo, your Account Manager will set up a full website demo to personally review all the features Eventective has to offer.

What to Expect

As soon as you sign up, you can immediately start responding to leads and direct referrals coming in on your account. You will be notified via email of all leads you receive and you even have the option to be notified of direct referrals via Text Messaging. Choose to receive only the leads you want by setting your lead preferences.

Reply to leads through Eventective’s online system or through your own email. We recommend replying through Eventective’s user-friendly interface because it allows you to create custom templates and respond quickly. We also encourage all our event professionals to call directly – if the client provided a phone number they expect a call. The most successful venues respond within 1 hour and do so in several ways, and multiple times.

Once you hear back from a client, invite them in for a tour of your venue. Offer them a packet filled with information about your venue, local vendors, and event/wedding planning guides. Secure your booking by offering quality customer service to everyone who walks through your door.

Signing up for the Eventective Premium Promotion will open the door to a multitude of events being planned in your area. If you are not convinced after completing your 3 or 6-month subscription, there is no obligation to continue, no need to cancel.  However, we believe you will want to continue receiving great event business at a great price.  Open the gateway to quality event bookings and have a successful year.