So, you have a wedding to attend? Weddings are an adventure—and most people want to bring someone along for the ride.  Choosing who to bring as a Plus-One should be carefully planned for your sanity and for the sake of others at the wedding. Take a look at our list of do’s and don’ts for bringing a plus-one:


  • Make Sure Your Invitation Includes a Plus-One

If your invitation does not include language such as “and Guest”, check with the bride and groom to see if they can accommodate your Plus-One.  Sometimes, a couple is counting on you alone, especially if they are trying to save money on headcount.  But don’t be bashful, they may have other guests who cannot make it, opening up an extra spot for you. Double checking instead of assuming is going to be your safest bet.

  • Evaluate Who You’re Bringing

Think long and hard about who to bring with you to the wedding. Are they going to be fun to be with for 4-6 hours? Are they going to behave? Are they going to be appropriate? Can you handle their personality? Are they going to be reliable? Make sure the answer to all of these is a big, fat YES.

  • Give Your Plus-One Plenty of Notice

Once you decide who to bring, make sure you give them plenty of notice before the wedding. No one likes to be caught off guard by being asked to attend a wedding in a month. Make sure to give them at least 4-6 months’ notice so they can plan accordingly.


  • Don’t Bring Someone You Haven’t Met

If you are talking to someone online and have never spent time with them in person—be careful. You don’t know how that person will react to certain social situations. Bringing someone you are confident in will result in a good time and less worry.

  • Don’t Bring Someone’s Ex

This is a big “NO”—Be respectful of others in your social circle and stay clear of ex-drama. Bring someone new and refreshing to create fun memories instead of digging up past negative ones.

  • Don’t Be an Embarrassment

Going back to the point about evaluating who you’re bringing—make sure you choose someone who is not going to be an embarrassment. It would be the worst feeling if your plus-one got a bit too tipsy and starts an unwanted show.