Fun Party Games for Big or Small Yards - especially for holiday parties and family reunions!

Warm weather means people want to be outside—especially for parties and barbecues. And while it may be easy to choose the food and drinks, what are your guests going to do while they’re there? It doesn’t matter what size your front or backyard is—there are plenty of fun outdoor games for all ages. Choose one of the party games below for a small space, or pick one that lets you spread out in your large yard.

Party Games For Small Yards


You don’t need a lot of space to play this low-key game. Especially if there will be children present—keeping the set closer together will let them have more fun. If you don’t own a cornhole set, you can usually rent them from a local party store, or build your own if you’re daring enough.


Just like cornhole, horseshoe doesn’t require a lot of space for a family event. Even without kids present, this game is a favorite. Just be sure you have the stakes away from the crowds, so when the horseshoe is thrown too far, it doesn’t risk hitting someone!

Board Games

Low on space, but have a deck or screened-in porch? Bring out some board games and decks of cards, and let your guests do the rest.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t have many games—or age-appropriate ones!—ask guests to bring a few.

This takes one thing off your plate, and helps guests feel a little involved.


Set up the dart board on a tree or post at the edge of your yard for endless entertainment. As with horseshoe, wherever you set up the board, make sure it’s away from the crowd so no one gets hurt. If you’re at all worried about the darts, opt for an injury-free barbecue with a magnetic version of this classic.

Party Games For Large Yards


With enough room, you can set up the croquet course all over the yard. Place the wickets around trees and under benches for an epic obstacle course. You can even design the course to split, so guests must choose which path to follow. This will allow for more guests to play—and for them to play longer.

Netted Games

Put up a net and let the guests choose! Provide a volleyball and badminton equipment so they can do as they please. Games like these also encourage watching, so those who don’t want to play can still feel involved and be entertained.


Not sure what to do? Choose a few different games! Set up a net and pull out some card games. Or have darts out at the same time as croquet or horseshoes. If you have the space, spread out and use it!

Party Games


It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is. More than anything, offering games gives guests a sense of relief—they have something to do if they don’t know anyone. And that relief will keep them at ease during your party, boosting the overall atmosphere.