9 Unique Bridal Shower Favors

Bridal showers are filled with joy and celebration to honor the bride-to-be. While the shower is normally planned by the Matron (or Maid) of Honor, the bride may drop some hints as to what she expects to see at her bridal shower. With many types of themes and décor options to choose from, why not allow the bride to pick her favorite bridal shower favors for her guests.

Since there are hundreds of different shower favors out there, we did our best to list some of the most unique—making the bride feel special and her wedding day feel honored.

9 Unique Bridal Shower Favors

Blooming Love Seed Packets

Seed packets make great bridal shower favors


Who doesn’t want to see love grow? Give your guests packets of seeds (or mini-glass bottles filled with seeds) to grow in their garden. Personalize each packet or bottle with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date—each of the guests will be reminded of their love when they decide to plant the flowers.

Mini Champagne Bottles

Mini-Champagne bottles make the perfect bridal shower favors! Especially when customized.


What better to celebrate the bride and groom’s love than with mini-bottles of champagne—crack open the bottle and say cheers to the wonderful bride-to-be. You can easily find personalized bottle labels online to add to the design.


Customize donut boxes and fill them with locally made donuts for unique bridal shower favors.


Did someone say donuts? Who doesn’t love eating sweet and delicious pastries? Order personalized donut boxes or bags and fill them with locally made donuts. You can do packs of 1, 3, or 6 depending on your budget.

Love is Brewing…Coffee

The perfect blend of personalized coffee is makes for cute bridal shower favors.


What goes well with donuts—coffee! Package up some of the bride’s favorite coffee flavors and give them as favors. Want to make this gift really unique? Create your own blend—some coffee distributors offer the option to create your own flavor.

Her Favorite Recipe

Write down the brides favorite recipe and use those as unique bridal shower favors.


Write or type out the bride’s favorite recipe on fancy stationary. Include any kitchen utensils necessary on the side of the recipe card. Example: Bride’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe with spatula attached.

Bath Sundaes

Put together a cute bath sundae for bridal shower favors.


Give your girls some pampering with a unique bath sundae. Fill a glass with sea salt or scented Epsom salt, top with a colorful loofah, and add a small bar of soap! O-la-la luxury in a cup.

Polaroid Memories

Snap shots of you and your guests and let your guests keep a copy as bridal shower favors.


Dedicate a bridesmaid or family member to take a polaroid shot of the bride and each guest when they arrive. Have the bride write a special message at the bottom so each guest can be reminded of their friendship.

Decorate a Wine Glass

Have your guests decorate a wine glass and take them home as bridal shower favors.


Maybe the bride and her gals are a bit artsy—have each guest grab a glass and decorate the outside of it with glass paint or markers. This will be a great gift they can use and remember the bride by.

Personalized Hair Ties

Enjoy sparkles or maybe polka dots? Find hair ties that you think your guests would enjoy and attach a personalized tag on each one with the wedding date on the back. We love the saying: “To have & to hold your hair up”.

These favors were some of our favorites. Now it’s time to share yours! Comment about the favors you used for your shower and include a photo of them below. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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