Are your bridesmaids planning a bridal shower for you? If so, what an exciting time! To help ease the stress on your bridesmaids, help them save time and money by making some simple tasty desserts together. The time before your wedding is an opportunity to celebrate with those you hold close to your heart—make that time simple and sweet with these 5 easy desserts for your bridal shower.

Funfetti Frosted Cupcakes

Photo credit: Hickory Creek Lane

If you’re looking to have fun—why not do it with frosting? Buy store-bought cake mix and funfetti frosting to top them with.

Pudding Shooters

Photo credit: Nourished Simply

No matter what flavor you like, there is bound to be a pudding mix that will match your taste buds. Vanilla or chocolate puddings tend to be the top choices. Simple to make and easy eat—scoop into tall shooter glasses and serve!


Photo Credit: Genius Kitchen

Just like brownies—but filled with vanilla richness, these are a fantastic option for your bridal shower. Mix with chocolate chips or peanut butter to add some extra flavor.

Mixed Fruit Drizzle

Are you a fruit lover? Mix together some of your favorite fruits, like strawberries and raspberries for example, and drizzle with chocolate or caramel sauce. If you want to let your guests get creative, set up a fruit bar and have them choose their own assortment of fruits and their favorite drizzle.

 Chocolate Dipped Wafer Cookies

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These cookies look delicious—buy the wafers at the store and dip in white or milk chocolate. Add sprinkles or a drizzle to add a fun design.

Any of these options would be a great choice for your bridal shower. These desserts are both easy to prepare and absolutely mouthwatering. What desserts did you make for your bridal shower?