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Planning your wedding is a huge undertaking, and finding your dream venue is often the first step. Your venue affects the date, time, and location of your wedding–and even which vendors are available. If you booked a venue with NOAH’s Event Center, you may have received a letter informing you that your wedding venue is closing.

NOAH’s Event Center filed for bankruptcy in May of 2019 and began closing locations all around the country. They ceased operations on February 10, 2020. Couples in Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin were the first to be notified that they will need to find new venues for their wedding.

Getting a Refund

Cross Keys Acres Texas
Cross Keys Acres
Richmond, TX

If you put down a deposit at NOAH’s Event Center, you’re going to want your money back. Start by asking NOAH’s Event Center to provide a full refund. Depending in their response, you may have more luck disputing the charge with your credit card company.

Stories from around the nation indicate that NOAH’s Event Center has been refunding less than half the amount paid. The bankruptcy court will handle the remaining amount. Nick Redd, the Vice President of Marketing for NOAH’s Event Center, gave this statement to 13News:

As soon as possible after receiving the news, we began contacting any and all clients with affected events via the email tied to their event. Refunds will be handled in the order in which requests are received, but consideration will be taken for events that are closest to the closure date.

Alternative Venues

Foundation for the Carolinas North Carolina
Foundation for the Carolinas
Charlotte, NC

You don’t have to wait for a full refund before looking at new venues. While we understand you may not have the finances to book one, knowing your options will ease some of your stress.

We’ve compiled a list of great venues around each NOAH’s location. Through the Eventective website, you can see the venues inside and out, visit their website, and even requesting pricing. Click on your city below to find your new wedding venue.

Additional Support

As always, we’re here to help! Eventective has helped millions of people plan their perfect event. If the news about NOAH’s Event Center left you feeling overwhelmed or stuck, we’d love to help you out. You can browse our Wedding Forum and wedding planning articles, or contact us directly for support.

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