mother of the bride and groom dresses

As you choose the right attire for your special day, you may notice all the style and color options. Well, Mom has all those same choices to make! Mother of the bride and groom dresses (and skirts and suits) come in every style and trend you can imagine. Ideally, the two of you pick out the garment together. Or at very least, you provide some direction so Mom looks like a cohesive part of the wedding. But if you’re not sure where to start, that can be overwhelming.

When you’re choosing the perfect mother of the bride and groom dresses, think of the photos. You want Mom to complement everyone else in the party, but you don’t want them mistaken for a ‘maid or ‘man. Traditionally, Mom doesn’t match with the wedding party, but she does complement it. For example, if your bridal party is all wearing light pink, Mom could wear dark pink or even something green to match your accent color.

Bonus Tip: Mother of the bride and mother of the groom don’t have to match, either.

Generally speaking, mother of the bride and groom dresses should also be just as casual or formal as the wedding party. Once again, Mom doesn’t have to match the wedding party—but she shouldn’t be in a full-length evening gown while the ‘maids are in casual knee-length skirts. Again, it’s all about making sure Mom fits in to the photos and any ceremony-related events, like walking you down the aisle or reading a poem. Once you have the colors and level of formality established, it’s time for Mom to choose the style of dress (or skirt or suit) that she likes best.

Stunning Evening Gowns

Will your wedding be formal? If so, Mom should match the level of formality with a stunning evening gown. Evening gowns really let Mom express her personal style. From structured to flowy and lacey to plain, there’s a dress out there for her. Of course, you don’t want Mom’s dress to be more formal than the wedding dress. The wedding dress should always be the star of the show. But Mom can certainly be more formal than the ‘maids or ‘men.

If your wedding is formal, but Mom doesn’t want an ornate dress, she can always dress up an evening gown with the right accessories. Monochrome dress and accessories can create an elegant, finished look while sparkling jewelry can make any dress feel luxurious. If she’s unsure what formal look she prefers—schedule a try-on session. Just like wedding and bridesmaid dress fittings, Mom may need to try before she buys.

Stylish Midis

Midi dresses are perfect for warm weddings because they are stylish without long fabric that traps in heat. Plus, if you’re having a beach or outdoor wedding, the hem of those long dresses may get dirty or snag on the ground. Midis remove that risk! Plus, they come in every type of silhouette. Just look at the dresses in the photos!

Typically midi dresses fall between just below the knee to just above the ankle. They’re not full-length dresses nor are they knee length or shorter. Because of their length, they can be a perfect warm-weather option for a more mature crowd—like Mom. And you can dress them up or down without any problem. Mom might even wear it again, and she wouldn’t need to shorten it!

Comfortable Maxi Dresses

You want to be comfortable on your wedding day, just like Mom does. Thankfully, there are mother of the bride and groom dresses designed for formal comfort. Maxi dresses are the ultimate comfortable dress. They typically have a more fitted, flattering top with a long, flowing skirt. This gives Mom—and anyone who wears them—plenty of room to dance and comfort to sit without compromising style.

Maxi dresses are also perfect all year, unlike a pantsuit or midi dress. For cooler months, choose a maxi dress with sleeves and no skirt slit. But if you’re hosting a summertime wedding, Mom can have short sleeves, thin straps—or go strapless! And the breezy nature of the flowy skirt will keep her cool, with or without a slit.

Structured Jumpsuits

Maybe dresses aren’t Mom’s thing. There’s nothing wrong that that! It simply means she’ll be shopping in the jumpsuit section of the store or website. Mom might not immediately think about overskirts and flutters when she hears the word jumpsuit, but she’ll quickly change her mind once she starts shopping.

Jumpsuits have become more popular over the years, and that means their style has evolved, too. Yes, jumpsuits can still be casual. But they are plenty of formal options, too, that are perfect for your special day. Mom can go with a more traditional look—like the image on the right. Or she can have the best of both worlds with the jumpsuit on the left. That piece blends pants and skirts for a unique and beautiful fit.

Trendy Pantsuits

Maybe Mom isn’t a fan of dresses or over-the-top jumpsuits. Then we’d recommend a more traditional pantsuit. Much like jumpsuits, there are a wide variety of pantsuits now, too. Of course, Mom can always keep it classic with a flowy blazer on top and matching pants—just take a look at that middle image! But she can also tone it down or increase the sexy, depending on her preference.

Looking at the left image, we see a simple, almost casual, combination that’s perfect for the mom who wants to look nice—but stay out of the spotlight. She can add heels and accessories to dress it up. Or she can keep it plain with just a pop of lip color. It’s completely customizeable! On the other hand, Mom can be anything but casual and choose a style like the one to the right. It may be fun for her to put a modern, alluring spin on the good ol’ pantsuit she may have worn to work.


In short, Mom has plenty of options for a dress (or skirt or suit) that will complement your wedding and her taste. But remember that your mom doesn’t have to match the wedding color scheme or your wedding party. What matters most is that she complements the colors and styles for photos. That way, she’ll still feel like part of the wedding, even if she’s not technically in the wedding party.

Which pictured dress or suit is your favorite? Which one would your mom like the most?