As consumers and event planners alike have become accustomed to searching for products and services online, they’ve also come to expect a more polished presentation. Regardless of your specialty, it’s important to understand that selling event services online is no different from selling products on a retail shopping site.

The number one thing to remember? High quality images are the single most important aspect of your online persona. Continue reading to learn more, or watch this short video to learn why high quality photos are so important.

Why Photos Are Important

You may be the best in your field, heck, you may be the best in the world – but if your online images are subpar, it may prevent you from booking an event.

You may be thinking, “I’m not a photographer – why would the quality of my images affect how potential clients judge my services?”

The simple answer? If it comes down to choosing between two event professionals with similar services and price points, an event planner may decide whether or not to meet with you based solely on their subconscious emotion, not logical thought.

Understanding The Purchase Decision

90% of purchase decisions are made subconsciously, according to Caroline Winnett and Andrew Pohlmann of the Nielsen Company. That means that marketing to the subconscious makes your message 100,000 times more likely to stick.

Creating an emotional appeal is the key to winning over the subconscious mind, which is why using beautiful images is so crucial to conversion.  A picture can evoke emotion much more quickly and easily than a written paragraph.

When event planners are searching for event professionals, they’re not simply searching for a service – they’re trying to envision how each individual service provider will fit into their special event. High quality images make it easy for them picture your participation on their big day, whether they’re planning a wedding or a business conference.

Here are some simple steps to help you get started:

Check Out The Competition

As we mentioned here, keeping an eye on the competition is an important part of your professional success. Make a list of your top five competitors and check out their online persona, with a special focus on the quality of their images. Write down what you like about their images as well as the things you don’t and use those to audit your content.

Find Inspiration

Think of a company or a brand that inspires you, event professional or otherwise. Study their strategies and pictures and try to pinpoint exactly what captivates you. Then take that concept or idea and apply it to your business.

Seek Professional Help

If creating or updating your online content is simply too overwhelming, get help.  There are many, many young professionals who are just starting out and looking to gain work experience. Most of them are willing to work at a reasonable price in order to build up their portfolio. Don’t hesitate to hire an aspiring professional photographer to take pictures for you, even if it’s simply to get a new headshot.

The Takeaways

Adjusting to the world of online sales is difficult, but crucial, for any event professional hoping for continued success. Remember that research and study is important because it allows you to immerse yourself in – and become comfortable with – the medium. Last but not least, don’t expect your customers to make their decisions logically – appeal to their emotions and watch as new opportunities come rolling in.