Some of the greatest wedding memories are created with your bridal party—one of the cutest being your flower girl(s). From beautiful flower crowns to fluffy tutu skirts, make sure your flower girls are equipped with the essentials for your special day.

Start by coming up with a list of important accessories for your flower girl. Wedding day essentials can tend to be expensive, so be mindful of the budget for the flower girl’s parents. Here is a list of Eventective’s top picks for essentials for the perfect flower girl:

Flower Girl Dress

The most important essential to start with is the dress. Brides tend to find a flower girl dress that matches the color and style of their wedding dress—if the bride’s dress is an off-white A-line dress, typically the flower girl’s dress is too. However, you do not need to follow this tradition.

Ballet Flats

Next to pick out are matching shoes—the flower girl’s shoes do not need to match the bride’s, but they should match the color of the dress. Typically, ballet flats are chosen for younger girls and a low heel shoe is chosen for older girls.


The flowers the flower girl holds are entirely up to the bride. Sometimes it’s easiest to give the younger flower girls a single stemmed rose to hold or a pomander ball (as seen in the photo above) and the older girls a bouquet. However, if you are looking to save money—go with a single stemmed rose.

Flower Basket

The last essential piece for the perfect flower girl is the flower basket. DIY brides like to make the basket for the flower girl to hold, while others find one online or in bridal shops that match their wedding style. Don’t forget to order petals through your florist to fill the basket!

While the items above are essentials for the perfect flower girl, some brides have added on some extra items to make their outfits more complete:

  • Hair Pieces – Choose from headbands, hair bows, barrettes, or flower crowns.
  • Matching Necklace & Bracelet—Choose a set of jewelry that matches their hair piece or accessories.
  • Flower Girl Wand—Make a flower wand, perfect for Spring and Summer weddings.
  • Sash or Bow—Add some detail to the flower girl’s dress by adding a colored sash or bow around the waist.

These essentials are perfect for creating beautiful memories of your flower girl on your wedding day. Remember to always stay true to how you want your wedding to look and make sure it’s a fun memorable experience for the flower girl as well. There’s no greater honor than being asked to be the flower girl in a wedding—make it a day to remember!