It takes a lot of work to change your wedding date. Not only do you need to contact your venue and all your vendors, but you also need to inform your guests. After all, no one can come if they don’t know when your wedding is! As soon as you know that your wedding will be postponed, update your wedding website. You don’t have add your new date just yet. (You might not know your new date just yet!) But be sure to remove your original wedding date and add a note letting guests know of the change. Then, work on sending formal change the date cards.

If Your Venue Isn’t Changing

You can think of your change the date cards as a type of the save the date. They simply let guests know that you’ve moved your wedding date. If you’re still using your original venue, all you need to include on your change the dates is the new date. (However, be sure to explicitly state that the location is the same.) While you should alert guests of your date change as soon as possible, there is a little wiggle room. For example, if your venue told you they would confirm your new date in 48 hours, wait to hear back before sending your change the date cards.

If Your Venue Is Changing

On the other hand, if you have to find a new venue, and it will take some time to re-plan those important details, send a change the date card with a more details to follow note included. Of course, if your original wedding date is only a month or two away, don’t wait to finalize details! Send an update ASAP. This will give guests time to cancel plane tickets and hotel reservations.

When it comes time to send your change the date cards, find one that matches your wedding theme—but keep it simple, too. Your formal invitation was your time to shine; a change the date card is more about efficiency and communication. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Check out these stunning save the date cards below.

Six Feet Apart Card
by dodidoodles via Etsy

Perfect for: The socially conscious couple

six feet apart change the date cards by dodidoodles via Etsy
Source: dodidoodles via Etsy

It’s not surprising if COVID-19 affected your wedding plans. Across the United States alone, thousands of weddings are being cancelled, postponed, or turned into virtual celebrations. If you decided to postpone yours, this card says it all. Don’t feel rushed to find a new date and risk having to reschedule again. Instead, put the vows on pause and wait until you can have the special day of your dreams. (Or, at very least, pause the reception and exchange your vows in private.)

Love Is Patient Card
by PaperlyCanada via Etsy

Perfect for: The religious couple

love is patient cards by PaperlyCanada via Etsy
Source: PaperlyCanada via Etsy

Nothing tests the patience of love like postponing your wedding! These cards are perfect for the couple that isn’t stressing (too much) about finding a new date. Ultimately, what matters is that you found the one who you love, and this clean, simple card reflects that. Plus, if you’re religious or your guest list is, this card will get a little chuckle of understanding from its recipients.

Photo Change the Date Card
by Minted

Perfect for: The couple with lots of engagement photos

Did you and your fiancé take lots of engagement photos? Maybe you had a hard time choosing the perfect image for your invitation. Now is the time to use your second-place choice! The full-bleed print will stand out in the mail, and your smiling faces will brighten everyone’s day when they hang your change the date card on their refrigerator.

Change of Plans Card
by Amazon

Perfect for: The last-minute couple

change of plans cards by Amazon
Source: Amazon

Maybe you waited until the last minute to officially postpone your wedding. Or maybe it was a hassle trying to find a new venue. With all the time spent re-planning, you might have forgotten to send formal change the date cards. And that’s where these cards from Amazon can help. They aren’t branded specifically for a wedding—so you can use them for a wedding shower or bachelor(ette) party as well. Plus, you can order them with two-day shipping, and they don’t need envelopes because they’re postcards. Just pop them in the mail and you’re all set!

Virtual Ceremony Card
by FrockGraphicDesign via Etsy

Perfect for: The determined couple

virtual ceremony card by  FrockGraphicDesign via Etsy
Source: FrockGraphicDesign via Etsy

Some couples are choosing to keep their original wedding date, but turn it into an online celebration instead. That way, you’re not cancelling your wedding—you’re just moving the location, so no one has to travel. These cards are a great way to formally communicate this change with your guests. All the log-in information is there, easy to access. Of course, you should put that on your website, too. And you may want to consider calling any guests who are less tech-savvy and walking them through the process. (Or, even better, ask your wedding party to help with that!)

Planned it Twice Calendar Card
by MalloryHopeDesign via Etsy

Perfect for: The particular couple

planned it twice calendar card by MalloryHopeDesign via Etsy
Source: MalloryHopeDesign via Etsy

Many couples spend a lot of time picking their wedding theme, choosing the perfect colors, and sending matching invitations. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find matching change the date cards. That is, until Mallory Hope Design stepped onto the scene! They offer 42 colors on their Etsy page—and will even let you provide a custom color. Plus, you can purchase plain cards or choose from eight patterns. (In your custom color, of course.) No matter what your wedding theme is, they can handle it.

Sh*t Got Real Card
by iCustomLabel

Perfect for: The honest couple

If you’re known for dry humor or telling it like it is, then this is the change the date card for you. When it comes to big announcements, there’s no need to beat around the bush. Instead, just get right to the point and inform your guests about the change. This is especially true for large-scale concerns, like safety during a pandemic. Your guests will understand, and they will appreciate your honesty and decisiveness in uncertain situations.

The Chandelier Card
by SweetCloudDesign via Etsy

Perfect for: The elegant couple

the chandelier card by SweetCloudDesign via Etsy
Source: SweetCloudDesign via Etsy

Did you have an elegant or formal wedding planned? These clean, tasteful save the date cards will inform your guests with all the grace your special day would have had. Plus, the text is editable. So if there’s a specific message you want to include, you absolutely can. These cards do not come with envelopes, so we recommend buying thick envelopes and sticker seals for a formal feel all around.

The Text Message Card
by UnmeasuredEvent via Etsy

Perfect for: The tech-savvy couple

by UnmeasuredEvent via Etsy

Whether you want to save on the cost of mailing change the date cards, or your guest list is pro-technology, these digital notices are cute and simple to send. Use them as a quick way to get the word out, with formal mailed cards to follow—or as your main form of communication. However, we do recommend calling certain guests who don’t text regularly or may not have a cellphone. (We’re thinking grandparents and extended family you may not talk to via phone that often.)


If you’re wedding date has to change—that’s okay! It might seem like an overwhelming task, but remember that it’s for the best, including you and your spouse. Whenever you make the decision, send change the date cards as soon as you can. Your guests will appreciate the extra time to change plans, and you won’t have to deal with last-minute panicked guests.

Which of these cards do you like the best? Would you consider sending a text-only change the date card?

9 change the date cards